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  • Deposit/Part Payment

    I have an idea, there are some people here which I'm sure are interested in vBulletin 4 - but cannot generate the money before the presale deadline, for example myself I am due to recieve money from adverts and affilate schemes in about mid November, and if I decide to purchase vBulletin I'd rather not have to tangle with personal funds, going to the bank and depositing money, etc.

    What I was wondering if the possibility of sometihng like part payment or deposit, for example 10% (£15/$23.5) and extend the deadline for someone who does that, it would be non refundable incase people decide not to purchase. If not, what about making exceptions for certain users? I'd be grateful since currently I am still deciding because vBulletin is great, just the 'do we really need it' question I am still trying to answer.

    Putting it into perspective I think it is a 'rather' good idea, it may require some effort from stuff, but the deposit pays that off, and then the idea of making £135 more is surely good. Something like this would also help people who are undecided like me, or waiting to see additional features such as the CMS.



    Also, is there anywhere where non license holders can report bugs/stuff which doesnt seem right? Currently jumpbox javascript issue, and tags telling me that I exceed the maximum number by 1 when all thats in my tahs are "vBulletin 4, presale, extension"

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    haha good luck with that one I get paid on the first of the month and I couldn't even get them to extend the offer for me for 2 days....
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      Even if you had the money, still might not be able to buy it. Just tried, was rejected, followed by an autocall from AMEX fraud services. Acknowledged it was legit. Tried again, still failed. Closed browser and tried again with another card, failed again. So now I need to keep an eye on both cards as my numbers are out there yet not product for me/


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        My 2 cents.

        vBulletin as a business has some accounting procedures to follow, tax considerations, etc. Layaways can't be recorded as sales but as payments on account. Only after receiving the final payment vBulletin can credit sales account. So, I doubt vBulletin will agree to finance people.


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          Not sure if I was to clear in what I meant, but something like simply pay a deposit and be able to pay the rest later to complete your purchase of a license (ie at the pre sale price)


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            The whole point of the sale lasting for only a few weeks is so people HAVE to buy the more expensive version if they cannot come up with the cash. If you cannot pay, vBulletin have made it very clear they are not going to help you.

            Just ask in a ticket - see the response you get, thats enough to make you want to switch :P

            They are after your money, if you cannot pay, but want to upgrade, then you will upgrade to the more expensive version, which is better for then, so why would they help you :P


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              Originally posted by Nelsaidi View Post
              Not sure if I was to clear in what I meant, but something like simply pay a deposit and be able to pay the rest later to complete your purchase of a license (ie at the pre sale price)
              Still a deposit MUST be recorded. That's when accounting kicks in. It ain't like giving money to grandma.


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