I just want to make sure that I understand this correctly

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  • roller
    • Oct 2009
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    • 3.6.x

    I just want to make sure that I understand this correctly

    I've spent a couple of days reading the (rather understandable in some cases) grousing and back-and-forth about vBulletin 4.0 and upgrades and updates and blogs and whatnot.

    That's not really applicable to me in the whole, because I'm looking at starting a whole new forum. I've never held a vBulletin license before. So, I'm starting from scratch here. I've done some work in vBulletin, in the ACP and such, but I've never done an install or anything like that.

    Supposing that I purchase 4.0 suite, have I got this right?
    • I will get v3.8.x forums and in the short term, and there will be an update/upgrade some time in the (presumably not too terribly distant) future to true 4.x for forums and blogs, for which I have already paid when I pay my $295 or whatever it is.
    • When that 4.x eventually comes through, I will also get CMS packaged with that.
    • If I want blogs, I have to purchase the suite, even if I don't really care about the CMS aspect of it (not really applicable to my needs)
    • I must presume that I can "turn off" CMS and just operate forums and blogs.
    • I can run 4.x forever, but my support/security updates/patches will sundown at some point, presumably to coincide with the release of 5.x, which is an indefinite time period in the future; could be three months, could be three years. But no matter what, so long as I'm willing to take a chance on not having security patches and the like, I can keep operating 4.x forever. I will never be considered to have an "expired license" through this one-time purchase.
    • Once my support ends, I will not be able to "buy in" to continued support for 4.x, but will then have to purchase an upgrade to 5.x, and eventually to 6.x, and so on if I want back-end support.
    • If I want to get the reduced price for a new purchase, I'll have to do that before the end of the day next Saturday (how is that defined, BTW? Midnight Central time, Zulu time, end of office hours Pacific time, interantional date line?)

    This is not some sort of criticism or "talking down" of vBulletin. I just want to know precisely what I'm getting into before I sink any money in this.
  • Shamil.
    Senior Member
    • Feb 2008
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    • 4.2.X

    Short answer to your questions; yes.

    The time that the presale ends is when the server time striked mid-night. The server time is Texas. USA.
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    • roller
      • Oct 2009
      • 57
      • 3.6.x

      Originally posted by ct2k7
      Short answer to your questions; yes.

      The time that the presale ends is when the server time striked mid-night. The server time is Texas. USA.

      So, then, it's reasonable to assume that if I buy 4.x, set it up how I like, put in whatever hacks I want, and get the membership going, then I'm pretty well set until I decide I want to upgrade, right? I may or may not have the latest and greatest features, but if I'm satisfied with what I have, then everything is fine, and I can ride that horse as long as I want to, and then if the day comes that I decide I like, say, 7.x, I just pay the upgrade charge then, right? Or do I have to upgrade through 5.x and 6.x to get to 7.x? Or just start over with 7.x?

      With an indefinite ability to use what I want, if I can get what I want out of 4.x, then I think I can stay a pretty happy camper, so long as there isn't some massive security hole opened up somewhere or something. BUT, I'm a total n0ob at this, so if there's something I'm missing, I'd be thrilled to have some of the "old heads" give me pointers.

      Thanks again.


      • Hiiragi
        New Member
        • May 2009
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        • 3.8.x

        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
        The first amendment does not apply to private property. As far as I can tell, these forums are private property owned by IB/Jelsoft. Your argument based on free speech is pretty much rendered invalid. Notice the first amendment says Congress and the Government, not private property, of which, IB/Jelsoft is neither.
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        • Pope Viper
          Senior Member
          • Mar 2006
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          Yes, you should be able to do all those things. you will not be required to purchase each version.


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