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    I know the forum industry is very competitive right now and you don't want to give away your plans and ideas to the competition, but when will there be a more detailed list of new features planned for version 4.0 be provided? Right now 3.8 is doing a good job for my site, but certainly if something worthwhile is planned then I will upgrade to 4.0. Thanks!

  • #2 is included

    oh maybe not lol
    ah has a video clip feature nowClick image for larger version

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ID:	3675163, don't think that was on 3 series?
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      I know there is a list at , but most of these are already features in the old versions. Also, I remember see a post by one of the staff that said there were more features that they weren't announcing yet.


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        I'm in the same boat. Right now, the v3.8 software works very well, and is well liked by the members. Without a well-defined gain to be had by upgrading, it seems stupid to buy a major update "site-unseen" (sic).

        Unless someone can tell me what v4 is and what it does, we will wait until detailed reviews by users are posted.
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          The page dynamite linked to is the most current info and feature list. Please note that vB4 features are set now.
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            So understanding correctly, that what is displayed on that page includes all of the planned new features for now, or are there additional ones that will be added?


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              Dear Steve and others, the listing on the Features page is just an indicator; what is not at all indicated there is how these relate to what currently exists in vB 3.8.x -- and as others wrote up above, most of them look like features that already exist in 3.8.

              Could vB staff indicate which of the features listed for the vB 4.0 forum software are new or substantially updated from 3.8?


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                not sure - where is difference to vb.3.8? ok, I see a new vb.4.0 skin and embed videos, wow! but this can't be all?
                where can i find the list?
                I mean NOT the list with all the features from the main page, but a list with new features since 3.8.? thanks,

                an anonymous senior member.


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                  Originally posted by boogie box high View Post
                  where can i find the list?
                  Announcement with a list:

                  And if you leaf through the blogs and the blog comments you'll find more:

                  And of coarse the features page is the best list of all combined...
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                    Well, to save bandwidth, and to avoid cluttering up our email, when you send out an email to notify me that I should buy something, next time, please tell me what you are selling. Short and sweet is preferred, with a link to specifics. I would have just bought it automatically if someone could tell me why. No, my job is not to hunt for obscure clues in a multitude of threads. My job is to whip out Mr. Mastercard and pay for goods/services. Your job is to sell it to me.

                    vB is excellent software. I love it, and we will continue to use it and pay for it. But we already have embedded video. Give me a reason to buy v4, and I'll buy it.

                    There are a lot of stickies on here. Maybe make one more: Differences between 3.8 & 4.0.

                    Regardless, you guys do a great job, please keep up the good work.
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                        Not trying to be lazy, but when trying to easily make an informed decision it would be nice if everything could be found on one page, especially the new features which were not in 3.8. I, and most other, do not have the time to sort through thousands of post and blogs to find what is going to be new from v3


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