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    I've been trying to reset my members area password for 3 days, and haven't gotten any confirmation link that I normally get.

    I've sent PMs/Emails to various folks/sales, but haven't gotten any responses that could fix it.

    Hope it will be resolved in the next couple of days so I can order.


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      My license expired in 08 and i bought the upgrade this morning. I got three emails right after i paid:

      one from paypal that was a receipt
      one from customer support at VB sorta telling me what i need to do
      one from vb sales that was a receipt

      Something didnt happen like it should have bud.

      However, i still cannot download the latest version of VB. It still says my license is inactive and all i can download is the version i had when my license expired, which was 3.6.9


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        Yea, what's really odd is that I'm not receiving emails to any of the subscriptions I've got, either.

        Is there a sales number I can call? Or have my email on the account changed so I might receive these things? I'm receiving emails from many other places, just not vbulletin. Nothing in my SPAM filters, blocks.


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          I agree, the major though on this did not appear to contain any empathy and detailed consideration, like updating the order form prior to placing the offer before the public. I can go check pay pal receipt Oct. 14, 2009 02:32:32 PDT (Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 5:32 AM est) vbulleton reciept email Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 4:55 PM Purchase ID: ********** (Oct 14th '09 03:55pm)

          so I supose it was more like 12 hours
          Originally posted by DanielSefton View Post
          Hmm, well I contacted support, still awaiting a reply. But if you're saying it comes around 24 hours after ordering, then I guess I'll just have to wait until then. At least I know now.

          That's ok then, I expected that.


          Btw, I don't need funds in my PayPal account, I have PayPal setup with a direct wire transfer from my bank. It paid them instantly. It's just their system that's at fault.

          They shouldn't have even released their new website/system to the public knowing it doesn't work. It's creating even MORE confusion.
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            I'm probably going to sound like such an idiot, but I don't care, if it helps other people in the same situation.

            Basically, I didn't realise it sent the details to the email on your PayPal account (which makes sense, doh) - I was waiting for an email to the address I entered when purchasing.

            And checking the date, it did indeed send everything almost instantly.

            But then again, I wouldn't have had the problem if it would have redirected me to a page explaining this! -.-

            Thanks for all the helpful replies everyone. Going to spend tonight installing v3.8.4


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              I got my issue solved, I went ahead and called the sales hotline, and got in touch with a Jake, who got me fixed up.

              I've ordered, and am ready for it to go gold.


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                do you have to have phone support to do this?


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                  No, I just explained I wasn't getting any emails from, and wanted to order the upgrade. They reset my password, sent it to a different email I specified, and went from there.

                  The upgrade/renewal can only be done online.


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                    One of the things that I wonder is two of my licenses for VB do not expire until December. When I paid my $$$ for the upgrade they show Oct 19 as the date of my license. Does this mean my new renewal day will be Oct 19 even though the Gold release has not been made available yet? Does this mean that the time period for my previous licenses is invalid under Suite?


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                      I believe it's been stated that this is a glitch in the system. Once you've purchased 4.0 you are licensed until 5.0 comes out.


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                        For upgrades you must login first then do the purchase for it to reflect the correct pricing before Oct 30....


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