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No Community Bulletin/Newsletter Script in vB4?

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    Originally posted by Wayne Luke View Post
    It is something we can look into. I haven't heard any definite word yet though.
    Thanks for the reply! I hope this is something that will be seriously looked at as it should be, IMO, a core component of the Suite.


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      I'm with you lot, newsletter capability would be a fantastic boon, it would make life so much easier, at the moment i have to export the user details and send out via 3rd party newsletter software, so i rarely do that and just send naff text newsletters.

      Please put it in 4.0
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        "Being looked into" = "No".

        It certainly won't appear in 4.0 that's for sure.

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          Let me ask a "dumb guy" question. Is it difficult to allow HTML e-mailing? Is it a technical or security issue. (As a side note, I have never understood what the issue of HTML in the forums is, but I saw enough warnings to figure that it is not recommended for a reason).

          I second (or forty-third, whatever the number is) the support for a newsletter script.


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            HTML e-mails is fine as long as you don't allow users to write the e-mail.

            The issue with allowing users to write HTML is they could write javascript code, flash code, activex code, frames, etc. to hijack users who visit your site. It's just bad news.

            But this is really another topic. Other forums allow HTML and either have a whitelist of the narrow features of HTML they allow, or a blacklist of the HTML they block. In the past, we've been told repeatedly that it's "impossible" to make a forum interface that allows HTML to be posted, but is 100% safe. And yet other forum software manages?


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              I'd prefer a newsletter option than a whole upgrade
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                Originally posted by magnaromagna View Post
                I'd prefer a newsletter option than a whole upgrade
                It makes sense to implement a newsletter option within the Suite rather than forcing admins to export information into someone else's system. It just seems like a natural progression of the product to include this functionality.

                We'll see if IB sees this the same way, though. Too often software companies miss the mark. Sometimes they eventually come around...but really too late in the game after others with the vision do it first. This is where we see who the real players are.


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                  With today's rich media content text "just don't cut it" It may be good for coders to use but most folks want to see this.
                  Due to the lack of html I am forced to run a hack to get this.

                  Honestly it should be included in the admin area..


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