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    If you have a current vb forum licenese that does not expire till next year and you are only interested in the forum applications and not the full publishing suite, I under stand that you will get the vb4 forums for free when it comes out. But after your vbforums current licenses expires, what will be the cost for vb4 forums only? (Not publishing)


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      It's an omen...


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        Although my License is valid untill Feb 2010 what if it expired now?

        As I understand you can no longer buy a VB 3 series license, so if my license was to expire in the next few days would I not be able to buy a new license untill VB 4.0 is released?

        Or would I have to buy a 4 series license on pre sale to keep my forum legit?

        Also when I purchased my owned license I bought it on the understanding that, when it expired I would only have to pay around £30.00 annualy to keep receiving updates & support, is this no longer the case?

        If so I may have to contact my local trading standards office as this seems very unfair and the original advertisement was more than misleading.

        Can somebody please clear up these questions for me?


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          You would need to shell out the money now and get a vb4 license. The $40/60 renewal fees are gone and replaced with a $130 up front fee, or a wait until your forum expires and then a $175 fee.
          It's an omen...


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            Well that sounds like a load of BS to me, I paid for an owned license on the understanding I'd only have to pay around £30.00 per year, in that case the product is not as advertised, I want my money back.

            I paid £115.00 8 months ago on that understanding, now it's all changed, I feel as though I have been mislead.

            I will be contacting Trading Standards in the UK along with watchdog and I urge every member to do the same or similar depending on what country you live in.

            If enough people complain then they will surely have to investigate.

            Don't think that because Jelsoft/Internet Brands are a major global company, they are operating within the law, big business does this type of thing all the time, it's only when the little guy stands up for his rights, that action is taken.

            I for one will not take this lying down. If the above is correct then this is totally unfair and surely breaches some sort of law/trading act.


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              You should understand it is not "free" actually.,


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                Well from all the posts I've read, I ACTUALLY already understand this fact. But what I would really like to know is what is Jelsoft/IB official stance on this?


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