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Would it have been too much to ask for???

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    Sorry for this.

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      I think this is all very simple. It does not matter what we think what would have been appropriate. Behind vbulletin are decision makers who are adults. They all have a driving licence, so we can assume they know what they are doing. This is not at all an accident as some people try to interprete.

      It is a planned strategic switch. We are in a recession. But Vb increase the prices dramatically. You can bet that IB definitely has calculated beforehand, how many customers will leave because of this new business policy and how many might stay.

      IB is on the stockmarket. So they have to make forecasts how to increase sales. And obviously they think that they will make more money with this new policy than with the old one. Most of you alos own shares. And all of you love to see them increasing in value. Look at Gilette. They do not shave better, but prices have increased dramatically

      So we can waste our time in discussing this further. IB will ignore that. It does not matter to them. In 3 months time nobody will read this here anymore. The only thing that will have the attention of vb is, if there will be less purchses and less converters than expected over the next quarter. This is the only "talk" they will be interested in.

      So if you are serious about all the stuff you are talking about in this heat, then just move to another product. This is the great thing with internet. Invest one day and you know what kind of alternaives you have. From open source up to very good quality software (paid), which is even significant cheaper then vb.

      I actually wanted to purchase 5 new vb licences in October for new projects that have to go online now. As you can imagine, I decided in the last minute for another software. The difference in features and usability are not that big anymore as it was 2 years ago the case. Everyone has vb-converters which are working excellent. With some feature vb is by a small margin better, with some features others are miles ahead or already there where vb wants to arrive with vb/4vb5

      So stop whining. Either bite the bullet or leave. Everything else is a waste of time and energy.

      But the bullet is quite big, I can tell you. This is how I calculated it: No matter what kind of words you are using for it. At the end of the day, vb increased prices over the last 15 months for its forum software from 149$ to 180$ and now up to 195$. Even worse security-fix upgrades, which costed before October this year 40$, are now at 175$ at best.

      Please do no say now this is a new software etc. As other mentioned, most of the users have all they need with vb 3.8x. They only want to have security fixes for vb 3.8x. And forget the Ocober 30 offer. This was just to calm you down and attract you to new products and in 5 days it is over anyway.

      So I recommend that you all first think how this might go on in the future and whether you can live with this/ afford it. Compare all alternatives out there and then make a decision. That saves you time and you stay healthy

      Best wishes
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