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Enquiry - License upgrades and remainder of license term

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  • Enquiry - License upgrades and remainder of license term

    Hi VB

    I also received your offer but to be honest I was rather confused. The amount of noise the announcements have created has not helped


    I have 3 licenses, all owned and active with a renewal date of April 2010. I have loyally paid and kept them active for many years.

    If I take advantage of the pre-order offer, whats the bottom line?

    When VB4 is available and I pay/download it (VB4 license start)

    1. Does the new VB4 license become inactive on April 2010 (<6 months)
    2. If it becomes inactive do you expect me to pay again for a new VB4 license to keep getting updates? (pay twice)
    3. Or will the new VB4 license be valid for the VB4 release for the life of VB4 regardless of VB3 license expiry (upgrade)

    I am really not sure what you are pitching. Given the short time period offered for the "discount" it also seems a little agressive to be honest.

    Or asked another way

    Is the pre-order offer, for users on an active license, to be treated as just an upgrade to an existing license and active only until the end of the original license term? At which time the user must buy a new license for the same product again to get updates ??
    Is it a case of when an active license user pre-orders and is delivered, the existing VB3 license is absorbed into the new one (effectively terminating the VB3 license and cancelling the remaining period in lieu of the discount on new VB4 license) and the new VB4 license becomes the active one for the life of VB4 so the user can enjoy updates till VB5 is released?

    Hopefully you can see where my confusion comes from.

    Any helps appreciated

    And please, no other "user" responses gripes or noise, I prefer to have a response from VB staff.

    BR, John
    Thanks In Advance


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    A response would be good, either here or via PM (avoiding the noise)

    BR, John
    Thanks In Advance



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