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This is a bad idea

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  • Hicksatpd
    started a topic This is a bad idea

    This is a bad idea

    In response to this:


    Thanks for the valuable feedback: you want demos, you want screenshots and we hear you load and clear. We'll work on getting those up.

    We will likely have more screenshots up before the end of the presale window (October 30th), but it's doubtful we'll have a demo version of the software live before then.

    We want to offer our long standing customers the opportunity to get our new Publishing Suite software at a significant discount, and the presale window is the only time vBulletin Publishing Suite will be this cheap.

    Thanks for your support!

    And closing the thread in the process, no less.

    Who had the idea to hit us all with this offer where the window of opportunity closes BEFORE a demo is even available? That's just not intelligent, I'm sorry.

    I've been a big vB guy for years, but this is seriously making me think about taking my money someplace else.

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