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Vbulletin 4.0 CMS features? Import from Wordpress?

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    I want also an Importer!! I run an very big iPhone Blog and i want to change my System! Pleaase make an importer! PLEASE!!


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      My website is I use Wordpress as my CMS and VBulletin 3.8 for my forums. I have already purchased VB 4.0 as I had seen that Impex already support Wordpress, I wasn't aware that it was legacy support and actually was irrelevant for my needs.

      I need a proper importer as the previous posters in this thread have mentioned, without it, this is a useless upgrade for me.

      GIVE US WHAT WE NEED! VB Developers are losing a ton of potential customers by not offering an importer for arguably the most popular free CMS and blogging software on the planet.


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          is the team know working on that? because i see in the 1.94 impex version the posibilty to choose wordpress to vbcms!?



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            It would be suicidal if IB did not offer a WP importer. I would imagine that a WP importer is high on the TODO list, as it would help drive sales of the Suite.


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              Originally posted by Celtkin View Post
              I can tell you right now that demand is high simply because Wordpress has a MASSIVE customer base. And now that you're in the CMS market, they are a competitor.

              We would be committing SEO suicide without some sort of import functionality to preserve our old URL's, or ensure the ability to mod_rewrite them.

              Personally, my biggest concern is having to manually import my blogs, and have the old URL's go dead to boot.
              Actually, you DON'T need your previous SEO trails. Thing is, if your site was making hundreds of backlinks, refbacks, and so on...And if your site still has hundreds of thousands of visitors every month, your SEO becomes irrevelant.

              I can tell you from experience, switching from domain to domain as experiment - I have learned that SEO can be lost, but it can also be regained. Especially if you're going from one software that has strong SEO, to another software with basic SEO (or strong SEO if you have vbSEO) - make sense?

              That said. SIGNED! I want this feature as well.
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                  Throwing in my vote for a Wordpress importer.


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                    I would buy the suite right now if I can import from wordpress


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                      signed !!


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                        Can you IMAGINE.. the number of bloggers who have achieved a certain traction with their blogs and want to convert it into a full fledged portal.

                        I have numerous blogs and I sure wouldnt mind spending a few bucks to get all of those converted to vb with cms forum blog article features.


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                          I look after more than fifty clients who have asked for vBulletin but have had to ask them to wait until there is a facility to import from PHPbb, Wordpress and Joomla.

                          They do not mind spending a couple of hundred bucks if there is a way to get what they want.


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                            My money is ready and I am going to buy the suite BUT not until we get the Wordpress import tool. Like many others, I use WP as my CMS and VB as my forum. A wholesale switch to the publishing suite would require that all of my existing articles get moved.



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                              Im getting the following error while imprting wp 2.9 to VB 4.0.2 cms using impex ....

                              Altering tables

                              ImpEx will now Alter the tables in the vB database to include import id numbers. This is needed during the import process for maintaining references between the tables during an import. If you have large tables (i.e. lots of posts) this can take some time. They will also be left after the import if you need to link back to the original vB userid.
                              blog - importblogid Completed

                              There seems to have been a problem with the database

                              ImpEx Database errormysql error: Invalid SQL: DESCRIBE vb_blog_attachment importblogattachmentid

                              mysql error: Table 'C281604_xxx.vb_blog_attachment' doesn't exist

                              mysql error number: 1146

                              Date: Tuesday 30th 2010f March 2010 04:33:30 AM
                              Database: C281604_xxx
                              MySQL error:
                              Plz help... im struck at this point cant go beyond....
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                                Start your own thread/ticket and please do not hyjack threads.


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