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Where is the demo for vBulletin 4.0, where is a complete list of screen shots?

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    show me the Demo!

    yeah, I agree. I've bought before without a good demo, like the offical vB blog add-in, that didn't work out so well. Would love to see how it all works and if I have to get a brand-free to keep the CMS from listing out - Powered by vBulletin on my homepage.
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      I was going to start a thread like this. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this issue. I was a bit confused today to receive an upgrade offer. I was happy to learn 4.0 is being released and when I went to the site in the link to learn more there was nothing showing what it's going to be. A feature list is great but not enough to make a purchase decision.

      I hope the offer gets extended to a reasonable time frame so we have a chance to review the product.

      These are your customers requesting this......

      We are excited and supportive but we need to see what we are getting. Frankly, I'm confused.


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        Originally posted by locachica View Post
        $500? It reads $130 for me? =260 for you.
        Yeah after I saw the pretty new homepage I was hoping for a pretty new forum! I'm curious will there be awesome themes or not ?

        Hmm. this is interesting.
        Mine are owned but expired (one is 3.8 and the other 3.5). Perhaps that makes a difference.

        Edit: Just looked at it again. My options are upgrade to 4.0 suite at $250 per license, or buy NEW forum only license for $195 per. Unfortunately $4 large is not much better than 5 and still out of my range by a bunch. I have been holding on by upgrading just when I need to, this pretty much seems to take away that option.


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          currently running joomla 1.5 + vbulletin forum. presale link for the suite got me to the site but no demo was a shock.......lets see what you want us to pay for - thx


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            Yep, demo please - I really need to see if it's worth the cash upgrading.


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              Dead. Dying format. Everything dies, unless you think of something to revitalize it. I would love to see if this format has something left to offer, but I can't...
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                Is there a comparison chart from 3.8. I noticed the SEO links, this would make VBSEO not necessary? is there a date for the 4.0 release?


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                  Well, looks like I'm not the only one that came here "credit card in hand" wanting to see a demo and order.

                  No Demo = No Order

                  What a huge brain fart was this on Jelsoft's part!


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                    I too won't be pre-ordering anything I can't test and check out.


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                      Originally posted by SuperJETT View Post
                      I too won't be pre-ordering anything I can't test and check out.


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                        vB4 CMS demo?

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                          Originally posted by Mangler View Post
                          Mine are owned but expired (one is 3.8 and the other 3.5). Perhaps that makes a difference.
                          Yep, I'm in the same boat. I apparently let mine expire in January so now it's either $250 each or move to another product. For as small as my sites are, I can't justify that kind of cost.


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                            A very nice software,worst marketing strategy between these two a nice Ripoff


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                              What? Everyone expects to squeeze the fruits and vegetables before taking them to the register? You won't just cough up $130 for an unseen product with no release date?

                              Seriously, Jelsoft. Give us some credit.

                              Even the bullet-points don't make me warm and fuzzy about throwing my "FREE" Joomla CMS, with hundreds of articles and years of extensions development, out the window for a brand new product that will undoubtedly take months to work the bugs out.

                              I'll keep my vBulletin 3.8, thank you very much.


                              BTW, if forums are dead, someone forgot to tell my 1,000+ membership.


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                                Looking for a demo also....


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