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Convert IPB 2.3.5 to vB 3.8.4

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  • Convert IPB 2.3.5 to vB 3.8.4

    Hi all,

    I'm currently running IPB 2.3.5 and have been using IPB since I launched my website back in January 2006. However, I am now looking at moving (upgrading) to vB as it seems the majority of websites/online forums are now on vB.

    How "easy" is the conversion process? What programs/tools are there to make the conversion a stress-free task?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Stress-free?... impossible

    but you can read in this sub-forum: for everything related to the conversion.
    oh no, i'm not going with Xenforo... come on, i'm better than that... i stick with Wordpress... rofl


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      However, I am now looking at moving (upgrading) to vB as it seems the majority of websites/online forums are now on vB.
      I would like to explain a better logic than:

      "majority of websites are currently using vb"

      Why would you switch to something based on today's usage? Not saying you shouldn't or should switch, or even switch to something else besides VB.

      What i am suggesting is you think about switching not only because of "currently using" but also and more-so "will be using", "will be popular", "will be the future (for the future-time-being)"

      Would you invest in say, gasoline engine stocks, when current predictions expect petrol-based fuels to run out within 6 months of your purchase? or something you expect to take its place?

      To the point. your switching from one last-gen forum software to another. what about the next gen (ipb3 is out vb4 be out sometime soon prob. smf2 be finalized soon prob as well as many other forum software)

      (Trying here to not point to one software or another and say, hey take this one! I would rather see the OP take a fully open mind to the current AND future on these choices)


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        nexialys... Haha. Well, nearly stress-free. Thanks for the link

        uberjon... Thanks for the speech, but it's not "only" because of the majority of other forums are on vB. I believe my site is now feasible to warrant such an advanced forum.


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