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  • banning accounts

    I have used some of the other forum software and when it comes to banning users it's a lot of work on the part of admin to get rid of these accounts AND their postings.

    I'm wondering what does an admin have to do in vB to get rid of a user who has posted all over the place? When I come across the post, can I ban this user and delete all of their posts from this spot where I am reading one of their post? Or do I have to go into admin and select ban, etc etc?

    How are their posts deleted? Do I have to find all of them and manually delete them?


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    In vB it's pretty easy to mass ban users and their posts. With the inline moderation function "Delete threads as spam" you can just check one (or more) of their topics or posts, next you can check to remove all their posts and ban their account(s). I personally love this feature and use it very frequently too.


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