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I heard it crashes.

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  • I heard it crashes.

    Alot of people told me vbulletin crashes alot so actually how do i know it won't crash with my webhost im using bythost hosting here's its mysql,php thingy

    Hosting packageYearly StandardServer Namesv18cPanel Version11.24.4-STABLEcPanel Build36281Themex3Apache version2.2.10 (Unix)PHP version5.2.10MySQL version5.0.81-communityArchitecturei686Operating systemLinuxDedicated Ip Address127.0.0.1Path to sendmail/usr/sbin/sendmailPath to PERL/usr/bin/perlKernel version2.6.18-128.1.1.el
    5.028stab062.3PAE cPanel Pro1.0 (RC1)

    Will it work is it compatible or is it Better then the recommend please tell me.& can pay for vbulletin with paypal UNVERIFED???

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    That's a ridiculous claim. vB may not be the best optimized for high traffic sites, but it's crashing has much more to do with the server setup than the software.

    The only requirements to run vB are:
    1) A webserver (Apache, etc.)
    2) PHP 4.3.3+ (5.2.5+ recommended)
    3) MySQL 4.0.16+ (5.0.51+ recommended)

    To be short, your host seems to meet the requirements. You can try the test script to be sure..

    As for PayPal, I believe you can use it as a payment method as long as you have a valid credit card/bank account etc. attached to the account.
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      so it won't crash with my server?


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        Once again, that depends on several other factors. You did not provide system specs, only Apache/PHP/MySQL info. vBulletin will run on your host fine. If it crashes, it's because your server is not configured correctly, or is not powerful enough, to handle what you are doing with it.


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          :O lol i looked at my server mine is pasted the recommend sooo i not likely to crash LOL

          2) PHP 4.3.3+ (5.2.5+ recommended) (mine = 5.2.10)
          3) MySQL 4.0.16+ (5.0.51+ recommended)(Mine = 5.0.81)

          my server for my hosing is Linux 2.10.2

          i dont its spec though =[


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            That has hardly an impact on whether or not it will crash. It may help with performance, but it's not vB that crashes, it's the server. If the server cannot handle the load, then it will crash. That is not directly related to vB.


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              xD Do you think i should give it a shot?


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                Yes. vB is not likely to cause server problems, and if it does, find a new host.


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                  lmfao ok i will try the test run.Oh yea i don't know if this matter's but my host has unlimited disk space.


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                    Test Your Server
                    The vBulletin Server Test Script will tell you if your current webserver is capable of running vBulletin. You can download it by clicking here.

                    Running the test script
                    This script is designed to run on a webserver. It will not run on your local machine unless you have the minimum requirements above installed on it as well. To run this script connect to your webserver and use an FTP/SCP client to copy the file to your web root directory.

                    Once the file is uploaded then load it like a standard web page in your browser, e.g.

                    The page should have a blue background and ask for your MySQL information. If you do not know your MySQL Connection information, you can get this from your hosting provider.

                    After entering this information and pressing "Run Test", the script will show information from each test and an overall pass/fail grade at the bottom. If you get an overall grade of pass then vBulletin will work on your server.


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                      Originally posted by xXArmedMoeXx View Post
                      :O lol i looked at my server mine is pasted the recommend sooo i not likely to crash LOL

                      2) PHP 4.3.3+ (5.2.5+ recommended) (mine = 5.2.10)
                      3) MySQL 4.0.16+ (5.0.51+ recommended)(Mine = 5.0.81)

                      my server for my hosing is Linux 2.10.2

                      i dont its spec though =[
                      Hmm is that the kernel version? I'm presuming so.

                      Is the kernel a or 2.1.2? because it seems to be an invalid version number.

                      Oh, and old kernels could be buggy (Unless it's on RHEL or CentOS or any other distributions which down-port patches to fix bugs and issues without changing version number)


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                        I heard the sky's actually pink, does that make it true? Nope.

                        DOES vB crash servers. No, vB alone will not crash a server. Poorly configured servers, too many addons, now THAT can crash servers.

                        Will vB crash your server? Probably not so much, but be careful what addons you put in there until you're familliar enough with the system, because they just might

                        Good luck with your site


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                          As said in the post's above, vBulletin will run on the webserver if it meets the requirements. However if it crashes, it will most likely be a server crash, not vB

                          but my host has unlimited disk space.
                          Thats true to a certain extend, but there are ALWAYS limit's no matter what, the only way its "Unlimited" is that there is no disk space useage quota, but there is always hard drive space limits. Those are what apply in that case.
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                            Although if you choose to go to vB4.

                            vBulletin 4 will require PHP 5.2.3 and MySQL 5.0.22 or newer versions of each.
                            Having APC and Memcache available on your server will be a significant advantage for vBulletin 4.
                            I'd look for another host who keeps up to date.

                            Edit: Maybe I have been too hasty since the host will support v3.8.x.
                            But vB4 may be a concern.
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                              IIRC, the requirements for vBulletin 4 have been lowered to PHP 5.1.6 and MySQL 4 (don't remember exact version).


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