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If VB 4.0 is not a completely re-write...

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  • If VB 4.0 is not a completely re-write...

    I just read that 4.0 is not a complete rewrtie? If so, why 4.0 then?

    actually, some wonder happened to me when 3.7 is out

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    Because there are enough changes to warrant a major version change. 4.0 design templates for example are not compatible with 3.x templates. Since there's no backwards compatibility, 4.0 is an appropriate label.


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      And vB4 will be a complete rewrite in the end. Saying: They decided to do the rewrite in several steps (4.1, 4.2...). This way there will be vB 4.0 soon, not in like two years.


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        Because they want you to pay for it again.
        It's an omen...


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          Originally posted by Blackbook View Post
          Because they want you to pay for it again.


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            why u people r so freaked out when vb4 comes out ? actually i dont give a **** cause already 3.6 3.7 3.8 have good features (more than any other forum software) and there are many plugins to customize it even further. (again more than any other software)

            I have done so much work with my board. (especially templates) that the new non compatible templates thing was enough to make me forget about vb4 for at least 18-24 months AFTER its GOLD release when there will be enough mods and plugins with the same special functionality i got now.


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              Here's the facts without the hysteria:

              To rewrite vB4 in full in one go would have taken years. Those of us who saw the change from vB2 to vB3 will vouch for this.

              vB4 *will* be a complete rewrite, in due course, however the first release will not have rewritten *everything*.

              There will, however, be major changes which easily justify the new major version number.

              This isn't a rip-off or a con, it's simply good developmental practice. You can take my word for it, since I'd be the first to be screaming if I thought otherwise.
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