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    Well... I think that management of Jelsoft is not so silly to suggest old clients to purchase vBulletin 4 on a full price, despite of the current licence. It, first, will be ugly in relation to them, and secondly, it hardly will lower popularity vBulletin 4 and will cause disappointment.
    The most correct variant - to offer vBulletin 4 to active owners of licences free or with afterpay from $180 to the price vBulletin 4.


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      Originally posted by El Burro View Post
      Then we can whole-heartedly start recommending and talking 'up' vBulletin again. Which I'm confident is what most people who contribute on these forums want.
      Certainly.That's why they are hanging here.

      vB5 is unequivocally the best forum software, but not yet...


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        Regarding the price, it is sometimes interesting to compare vbulletin to the competition. There is in my opinion to vbulletin inferior forum software on the market that costs 10.000 $ for letting it run on a quad core - per year.

        I do think there are lots of big board admins out there who do make money out of their forum - money which totally outweights the costs of vbulletin - and would want to buy a better vbulletin for their money: now it is possible. vbulletin 4 gold is coming far sooner than everyone would expect.


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          I'm not rich. (Shame)

          I probably make enough through Googleads to pay for yearly renewals at $40 in other words Google pay me around $100 every 2.5 years. (Yeah)

          I haven't been a teenager for a few years now. (You don't say)

          I know lots of young teenagers and young adults find running forums an interesting and rewarding hobby. (Parents should encourage this)

          As an age group in general, they have even less money than I do.(Again shame)

          Trying to take more money from people who are hobbyists or small scale entrepreneurs (probably losing money) during a global economic financial crisis worries me. ()
          Where's the Community?

          This was quite a cool co-operative development.
          Sure Jelsoft was a business, but we bought licenses, chipped in the cash. We had suggestions about features and direction.
          We helped test the software. Reported bugs.
          Some wrote some cool add-ons.()

          Now there's no communication at all. A silence.()

          Sure we've got Ray & Steve (apologies to them, we know it's not your decision) and the odd appearance from other Jelsoft Admins.
          IB are the people in control, but we never hear anything from them.
          Do they have a dream? A goal? Do they have any clue where all this is going?

          Someone needs to step up to the plate (pronto) and sort this license mess out.()
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            Originally posted by El Burro View Post
            I did actually try out IPB 3.0.0 on the day it was released, they have a number of forums set up on a server and you get 8 hours of admin control over one of these forums. Good idea - take note Jelsoft.
            Umm, Jelsoft already provides a demo and for 24 hours as opposed to only 8. Why would you want it to be a shorter period of time?


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