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  • upgrade now later ?

    I'm running 3.68 now and was going to upgrade to 3.8.

    I can't find a list of the new features that would be on it can someone point to them?

    Is that a straight forward update?

    Or should I wait for 4.0, and what will the feature difference be there?

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    I will tell you right now that vbulletin 3.7 was one of the biggest updaters. Here is a list of some updates I found from

    Originally posted by
    * Social group discussions
    * Social group categories
    * Private message sorting and filtering
    * Private message history
    * Quick edit for newer types of content (visitor messages and picture comments)
    * Social group icons
    * Social group transfers
    * Private message quick reply
    * Private message throttling (limit messages sent over a time period)
    * Private message reporting
    * Profile privacy (limit blocks to a subset of users)
    * Lightbox navigation
    * Thread prefix permissions
    * Dismissible notices


    * Inline spam management & prevention
    * Thread tagging
    * Search cloud / tag cloud
    * Thread prefixes
    * Reciprocal friendships between users
    * Public visitor messaging on profile pages with 'conversation' feature
    * User picture galleries with user comment facility
    * User-created social groups with invite only and moderated membership options
    * Extended member profile pages
    * Customizable member profile pages with admin-controlled styling abilities
    * Inline editing of custom user profile fields
    * Lightbox viewer for attached images
    * Viewable and comparable history maintained for post edits
    * Extended re-authentication for inline moderation actions
    * Notices system for navigation bar
    * Multiple human-verification systems including reCAPTCHA, image verification and Q/A
    * User change history
    * Social bookmarking integration
    ya, you should upgrade.


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      I wouldn't recommend waiting until vBulletin 4.0 to upgrade. It's still a few months off. You should upgrade to 3.8 now to take advantage of the new features that were added.

      AFAIK, vBulletin 4.0 will have essentially all the features of 3.8, with a style makeover. Upgrading now would help your users segue into vB4.0 without being bombarded with too much "new" at once, and you can also have some fun with some of the newer addons that don't work on 3.6.
      - the makers of VaultWiki


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        The problem is no one knows how the upgrade from vb 3 to 4 will be.

        Will you have to pay even further if you upgrade? etc... So I think it really comes down to how much you can spend and if your board really needs it right now.


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