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vbulletin 4 and old costumers

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  • vbulletin 4 and old costumers

    it seems vbulltin will be released soon , but my question is this one, old costumers will be able to upgrade for free, or we will have to pay if we upgrade to vb 4

    or how it will work? , since it seems vb4 will be more expensive

    and if we have blogs and projects, what will happen?

    or we can upgrade to vb4 and then when we upgrade to vb5.. we will have to pay?

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    You have to wait for an announcement.


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      Nothing has been set in stone yet, however, an announcement will set some things clear.
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        is real .. the announcement which got leaked?


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          In spite of rumors there is no official decision yet on any of this. Please respect the fact that when official word is available it will be posts in the Announcements forum. Thank you.
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            Originally posted by Steve Machol View Post
            In spite of rumors there is no official decision yet on any of this. Please respect the fact that when official word is available it will be posts in the Announcements forum. Thank you.
            I thought that active customers were to receive updates to VB4?


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              As it stands right now, that is the official policy until it's changed, IF it's changed.
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                Originally posted by Biker View Post
                As it stands right now, that is the official policy until it's changed, IF it's changed.
                Oh alright. That will be a shame if it does change. I really do not see myself renewing my license if this happens


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                  Right now outside of the leak, things can still change.

                  Right now I'm waiting for the official announcement and I'm hoping there's a better financial upgrade path for existing Vbulletin owners than what was leaked.

                  While I am waiting for the official word like most others, I do have deep concerns about the pricing that was suggested in the leak. IMO it's a good deal, but also out of touch with the current economic reality of many Vbulletin owners. Many of which do not own big boards that make a decent financial turn, let alone are likely having financial hardships on their own offline that they could not afford such a big upgrade fee. The leaked pricing structure IMO makes the competition look better especially in the current economic climate where many people are having hard times making ends meet as it is and don't have hundreds of dollars to throw around at every major revision.

                  IMO if the leaked images become reality, I think long term it could hurt Vbulletin rather than help. I know they need to make money. But at the same time, you want people to be able to give you money. Sadly in this economic enviroment I find what was suggested to be counter-productive to the members. I mean, it wasn't that long ago as I recall they upped the price as it was. Horrible timing to even have them suggest this IMO. They are asking or suggesting in that leak that EVERY Vbulletin member that wants to have Vbulletin 4, be forced to pay $195. Let alone people that are new and want it. And what if someone joins up and gets Vbulletin 4 about 1 year before Vbulletin 5 comes out, but wants to upgrade to Vbulletin 5 and has to pay such a large fee to do so? You would not have a happy camper I'm sure.

                  While I wait for any official word on pricing, I pray to god what was suggested in that leak does not come to pass. Or I like many others would be forced to migrate elsewhere as I and many others I'm sure, just cannot afford that type of money all in 1 shot. Vbulletin IMO may end up shooting themselves in the foot with it as it was mentioned. I would predict a gradual migration away from VB in this current economic climate if things go similar to what was suggested in the leak. Wait and see though I guess.


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                    This thread isn't about the leak. Let's keep it on topic, shall we?
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                      I've seen some good comments and suggestions on this around the site and I really hope they are not overlooked.

                      I feel that anyone with a current license right now should get vbulletin 4 or at the most there be a small upgrade fee (eg. the difference in cost of what vbulletin is now and what vbulletin 4 will cost).

                      also I seriously hope once we are on vbulletin that it will not cost a whole new fee to get vbulletin 5 in the future and I hope it would just be an ugprade fee at the most.
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                        4.0 looks like more 3.9 + new style, I don't see why customers will pay for it. It was OK to pay if it was complete rewrite (how it was initially announced).

                        If you pay you can get new Individual style from 3rd party, and I am sure styles for 3.x similar to 4.x style will appear shortly (free and non-free analogs).

                        Many customers are still using vb2 and happy with it, now what expect IB if they start loosing loyality with all those changes + financial situation right now...


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                          I do hope vBulletin 4 will be a free upgrade, as it says that if we get a owned license, we get 1 year free updates. and as vBulletin 4 is a update to the series, i dont see why it needs to be paid extra for. (Unless of course, your year free updates runs out)
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                            The 'new rate' should kick in after our current term runs out, IMO. I paid for a year, so I should get a year.


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                              The days of vB as we knew it are gone. Internet Brands have made their intention clear, and that is to monetize it to the maximum at the expense of customers who have supported them since day one.

                              Disgraceful, but not in the least bit unexpected.

                              Someone else put this very well in another thread, given the events that led to vB's creation all those years go:

                              vBulletin must not become the problem it was created to solve.

                              Well, I believe that that is exactly what is happening, irrespective of whatever official announcements are made. We KNOW the price is skyrocketing, having already gone up once in the past year. We KNOW leased licence holders will now pay more than double what they used to, meaning many who were only just able to get on the vB ladder won't be able to (which is what IB wants as these people don't spend enough money and probably have a high cost to manage, hence low profit). We KNOW there will be no public beta, proving that IB really couldn't care less about getting a properly tested product out, nor the feedback and opinions of those who use it, they just want it out the door so they can start raking in the extra cash.

                              Those of us who have been around a bit can see exactly what's coming, regardless of the fine detail of the eventual announcement: this business is now only interested in maximising returns, customers who previously made only a small profit for them are no longer welcome.

                              It's an entire change of culture, and there's clearly going to be some blood letting, but vB is going to be targeted at enterprise users and the rest of us had better get used to the idea and start thinking about something else.
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