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    Originally posted by feldon23 View Post
    Ning is a social networking site. It looks to me like a MySpace clone. So I'm not sure if vBulletin would give you the exact same functionality. I do think your client should be aware that with Ning, the data belongs to Ning, and there is no way to get a copy of it. So you are dependent upon their site never going down. Hosting your own data is a unique selling point of vBulletin.
    Thank you very much, Feldon. I always appreciate your insightful contributions. If there is anyone else who can also shine his/her light on the benefits of vBulletin compared to Ning I would love to hear it aswell!

    It is a client with a very big audiance really and a newly produced platform has the potential to skyrocket in the future. So, what other unique selling points has vBulletin over a Ning Community?

    I decided to open a new thread for this : Benefits of vBulletin compared to Ning , because this discussion is not on topic with the OP. Please share your opinions there.

    Thanks in advance,
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      Hey guys, I have some questions on this too. I currently run a ning network, but we're looking into merging with another site to increase activity. The other site uses vb 4.

      I have managed to acquire my ning member csv file, but I'm wondering how this could even work. After opening the csv file, I have found that it includes basic info such as email, name, location... any info required to join my ning network.

      But what seems to be missing is a password field. After importing the csv file to vb, I don't see how it could possibly work without a password.

      I do know that phpfox offers a ning import script, found here and with their script, all the members from the ning network will receive an email regarding a new password.

      I'm a little surprised vbulletin hasn't come up with something like this considering the recent announcements from ning.

      If anyone happens to know if this can be done, or has successfully done it, let me know.

      Or you could even make a script for this. If you're serious about it, feel free to msg me with a quote!


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        No forum software stores passwords as plaintext anymore. They're stored as a hash, which will appear as a random string of characters.

        Why? Because most users use the same password on ALL forums and social network sites they frequent. Allowing you to see the password of your users would likely give you access to their accounts on EVERY OTHER forum they post on, and probably a few bank accounts.

        So like any import, you will need to have your users reset their passwords when they first login to your vBulletin forum. There is functionality to send a mass e-mail to everyone asking them to set a new password to login.

        vBulletin can import from CSV using their ImpEx feature. You'll just need to tell it what each column in your CSV file means.


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