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Just a few Questions.

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  • Wayne Luke
    1) The ultimate safety of your forum database relies on staying up to date with vBulletin versions and making sure that your software is installed on a secure server. It is recommended to make periodic backups not only as a protection against getting hacked (which is a very slight chance) but also to protect against hardware or software failures that could corrupt the data.

    2) Users can set there options so that they get an email notification to threads they post in or subscribe in but not for every reply. This is an opt-in system not something that is mandatory.

    1) You can create custom user profile fields. These can include drop down select boxes.

    2) Yes. You can create any number of custom usergroups.

    3) Yes, you can moderate new members.

    With an owned license (and any official add-ons) you can run the software forever - that doesn't end. The listed expiration is for your access to the download new versions from the Members Area. You get one year of free upgrades with your license.

    After this you can renew access to new versions for $40 if done before and up to 60 days after the 'expiry' date. After that period the renewal is $60. However, this is optional and you are allowed to continue running your current version for as long as you like.

    You will continue to have download access for any versions released while your license was active.

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  • UM-USA|Ryan
    started a topic Just a few Questions.

    Just a few Questions.


    I just have a few pre-purchase questions reguarding some safety issues as well as registration issues and purchase issues.

    Safety Issues:
    1. Will my forum be secure in the event of a hacker or anything? I will constantly be backing up the forum as well incase of emergency.

    2. Is it possible to make it so that all users of my forum will be given a mandatory email notice when a thread is replied to?

    Registration Issues:
    1. How will I beable to create drop down menus for my users in the Registaration process to find out certain required information?

    2. Will I beable to catagorize my users into user groups after they register?

    3. Will I beable to make it so that when a user registers, I will have to confirm them as a member before they can post or view any posts?

    Purchase Issues:
    1. We are going to purchase a vBulletin (Owned License), below.

    [LEFT][URL=""][SIZE=2]Bulk Prices[/SIZE][/URL][/LEFT]
    [SIZE=2]Licenses[/SIZE][SIZE=2]Cost Per[/SIZE][SIZE=2]1 - 2[/SIZE][SIZE=2]$180.00[/SIZE][SIZE=2]3 - 5[/SIZE][SIZE=2]$166.00[/SIZE][SIZE=2]6 - 10[/SIZE][SIZE=2]$153.00[/SIZE][SIZE=2]11 - 24[/SIZE][SIZE=2]$140.00[/SIZE][SIZE=2]25 - 49[/SIZE][SIZE=2]$128.00[/SIZE][SIZE=2]50+[/SIZE][SIZE=2]$119.00[/SIZE][SIZE=2][B]vBulletin (Owned License)[/B][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]The owned vBulletin Forum license allows you to run the software on your site indefinitely. Along with this license, you will receive one year of free updates. Beyond the first year, a nominal fee of $60 (or $40 if purchased within 60 days of the license expiring) is payable to obtain updates for an additional year. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]This license includes free support via email and on the community forum. Phone Support is not included in the license price but may be purchased for an additional cost either at the time of initial purchase, or afterwards through the [/SIZE][URL=""][SIZE=2]Members' Area[/SIZE][/URL][SIZE=2].[/SIZE]
    What my concern is, is it will be a 1 time fee of $180.00 for all of the files and license, but will I have to pay an additional $60.00 or $40.00 a year to keep the license and when do I play that fee?


    Ryan A. Padovani
    Web Administrator
    United Medical, LLC
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