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    I want to start a website and forum but have little experience. I have used forums extensivly and have a tiny bit of experience with websites.

    Can I use godaddy to register and host my domain and use that fo rthe Vbulletin forum?

    Will I have to put alot of time into designing the website and the forum?

    I basically need to know the easiest and quickest route to getting it set up. i don tmind spending time tweaking it once it is up.

    I appreciate any help comments or suggestions as I am heading into unchartered territory.


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    I'll share the little knowledge I have. I use Godaddy to host my domains. I have never used their hosting so I cannot comment on that. I use a small company with great customer service called VectorLevel. The only thing you need to do is change your name-server to point to your host site. When you choose a host, they will give you the name-server info. I did my hosting company research at What I came up with is, for vBulletin, you want a host that specializes in optimizing their database. The database is really what "drives" vBulletin. I also wanted to stay away from hosts that "oversell" their servers. Their servers are oversold with unrealistic amount of storage. That means they have too many customers that all have 500 Gigabytes of storage space on one server. A responsible and realistic hosting company will not make these claims.

    Getting the board up and running is not hard at all. Just take your time and follow the directions. I also used vBadvanced to create a front page other than my board. It is free and easy to use. I pretty much did it the way your thinking about doing it. I got it up and running, then I started playing with all the options.

    I hope this helped. Good luck and have fun.


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      Thanks so much for the info. The vbadvanced, is that something that comes with vb or do I have to get that seperate?


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        Originally posted by gr9719 View Post
        have to get that seperate?
        Yes,from the vbadvanced site.

        vB5 is unequivocally the best forum software, but not yet...


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          I used the free CMPS or Content Management & Portal System.
          It worked out good for me.