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A lot of questions on features and possibilities

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  • A lot of questions on features and possibilities


    I have a lot of questions to check if VB has everything that we need here and if it will work well.

    I know that a lot of questions below will be answered with a "yes, but need extra code" but please, just let me know in each case which is just a plugin creation, which is template modification and which will be necessary changes on core code [what I don't want once I don't want to lose the support].

    Here are they:

    1) I have 2 servers with 4 Intel Xeon 2.2Ghz and 4GB RAM each. One for the application and another for the database.
    Is this enough for VB to handle more than 150.000 registered users, 6.000 concurrent users online with weekly peaks of 11.000?

    2) Is it possible [and easy] to have users logging in using my existing user's database but with different display name on the forum?
    I mean, let's say I have the account "foo" in my database.
    On the first time the user "foo" tries to logging to the forum, i need to ask him to "register" his "display name", let's say he informs "Foo 123".
    Everytime some see his messages or search for him on the forum, will only see "Foo 123" and never knows about the username "foo".
    The only one who needs to know about the user's username are the admins or moderators.

    3) Is it also possible to return custom messages on user login? like "you're not a subscriber" or "you're not marked X", depending on my business rules?

    4) I need the application to have multiple forums and all the users [even anonymous] will be able to navigate on all forums. But to post in each forum, I have a different business rules. So, depending on some rules based on my existing databases or other reasons, "foo" will be able to post on forum A and forum C, but not on forum B. During the day, something changes on my existing database and now "foo" can post also on forum B or he can not post on forum C, and so on...

    5) Is it possible to have each forum with a different template?

    6) On user banning, is that acummulative? I mean, if the moderator bans the user today, may 13, for 7 days due something he wrote on the forum, he'll be banned until may 19. Then, for another thing the user wrote before the ban, the moderator decides to give 1 day more, the moderator just bans for 1 day annd the system knows that needs to add this 1 day to the older ban and he'll be banned until may 20.

    7) Does VB has a ban history? Let's say i have a policy in my forum that on first ban you'll get 1 day, on second 7 days and on third you'll get permanent. I want moderadors to check the older user's bans as soon as they are banning the user, so they can decide how many time they should ban.

    8) Does VB has a thread modification history? Let's say user write something and than edit that. The moderator should be able to check all the changes on the message

    9) Does VB has private messages? And what about block user? Does user recevives notifications on new PM?

    10) Does it has a tool or funciton to delete all messages from a certain user in few clicks?

    11) Is it possible to have additional information on the user showing in the forum, like the World of Warcraft's forum that shows the user's level, class and other things? BTW, is it possible to have something like on World of Warcraft's forum that users logs in with their accounts but chooses which character is posting to the forum?

    Thank you in advance and let me know if something wasn't very clear.


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    1. It's hard to say for certain but my best guess is that 6000 concurrent users may need more servers than that.

    2. Sorry, there is no function to do this. This requires modifying the code. We cannot officially support code modifications or forums running modified code, however you can try searching or asking for help with this over at

    3. Yes, vB includes a Notices function where you can add specialized messages based on a number of different criteria.

    4. Hard to follow that but you can control access and posting to different forums based on Usergroup settings.

    5. Yes.

    6. No, banning does not work like that. You set a banning period but there is no automated accrual.

    7. There is no specific history ket. But you can use User Notes to keep track of activities related to a user.

    8. Yes, you can enable a post edit history function to keep track of edits to posts.

    9. Yes, vB has Private Messages and notifications. Members can also block (or Ignore) other members.

    10. Yes.

    11. Yes, with modifications.
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