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Presale Questions: Leasing, Hosting and so on.

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  • Presale Questions: Leasing, Hosting and so on.

    So, I've done research and many say that vBulletin is the best. I've also read quite a few recommendations for Global Gold and I think they are around $12 a month USD.

    So, $100 for the lease and then $12 for hosting and then that's it?

    I know there are a lot of free versions, but I don't want to have to upgrade down the road. I'm looking for something where the front page will have main categories and then a viewer selects a category to see the list of sub categories. Can I do that with this? Also, how many sublevels are we allowed?

    Does the software include any templates? I know I'll have to get a skin, just wondering how soon I will need to do it.

    I'm also worried about spam. Does this software allow me to give more control to the members? For example, if there is spam, can I set the program to remove the post if more than 3 members flag it? Can I set it to remove that message from site for my review. Then, if it's fine, I can restore the message?

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    For the least license, the price for vBulletin is correct. I cannot comment on prices from the hosting company mentioned.

    vBulletin comes with a default style. It is exactly what you see on this site. There are also freely downloadable styles available at or you can do a web search to find commercial styles available for as low as $2.00.

    The software has a variety of spam controls including post reporting. It doesn't automatically remove the posts if they are reported but you can sign up with the Akismet or Typepad Anti-spam services to have posts from new users filtered before they go live.
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      I visited and they do have a lot of nice templates.

      Thanks for the reply


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        About spam. you have several options. You can assign moderators, put members under moderation and some other stuff.

        There is no hosting provided by vbulletin, however there are good hosts.
        I use Host Gator

        However, if you got money to spend, I recommend URL Jet. They are costly, but they provide hosting just for vbulletin. They will install vbulletin, updates and modifications for you for free. They also backup your forum regularly, and unlike most hosting places, because these guys specialize in vbulletin, their tech support team can also provide assistance with vbulletin related issues.
        However, like I said, it is expective. Packadges start at about 25 a month.


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          I used Rocket Hosting

          Support staff was friendly. Their packages are a bit expensive but it's worth it because they don't oversell. I believe they do free forum installations and upgrades and misc things if you ask them. I never used it because I'm a vB pro (._.)

          But yeah give them a shot and see if you like them.

          If I were you I'd get the 10/month one. That should be good for a new forum and then you can just upgrade it once you grow in size.


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            Thank so much for all of the help!

            I thought I'd take a try with SMF as I have my domains with Godaddy and they had it to where they'd do everything, so I thought why not.

            Well, I had problems with errors and 500 server errors. Everything was such cut and paste with all of the fixes and such. I spent 2 days on it and said "forget this!"

            I purchased VBulletin and went with UrlJet. I was thinking about Global, but on the order screen they want the domain transferred or purchased. I didn't want to have to wait for a domain transfer.

            Anyway, I did this yesterday and UrlJet even called me right after I made the purchase. I was actually able to purchase everything and they had it all setup within a couple of hours (on a Saturday no less).

            I just wanted to say thanks so much for the help. I haven't had an error yet and Urljet even installed Advanced for me. I've added avatars and smilies and a template.

            The cPanel takes a bit to figure out, and it took a couple minutes for me to realize I had to put everything in a zip folder in order to upload more than one file at a time.

            I've been able to find all of the html. There sure are a lot of options with vBulletin, but once I got a bit used to them it was no problem.

            Here it is: Forum 4 Women

            Another big time saver is that with vB, I don't have to map out the smilies. With SMF, all sets need to match, so each set has to have the same number of smilies. That's pretty hard to do with the amount of customizing done to smiley sets now.

            I love vBulletin as it lets me have total control while still keeping everything structured. I don't have to search in files looking for HTML to change.


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