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  • Groupee Import to VB

    Hi, I hope someone can give a little clarification.

    I see that most all in transfer in to VB, but I am curious that in the list it states "users," not "user group".

    Does this mean that the "groups" i created with certain permissions will NOT be transferred in?

    Grouped as..
    Founding Members... etc.

    These will be lost?

    If so, how would one stream line, or adjust so that members are placed into there perspective groups?

    Thanks in advance 4 the time.

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    you got that right.

    I think it's not so hard to put them manually back into their respective groups. Because I guess you have 1 group with almost all users (you know the basic 'members' group) and you only have a few moderators, founding members, administrators, ... These you can put manually back in to the right groups.


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      umm, that's not good,

      any suggestions that could be done to ____fill in the blank____ to distinguish these members in each groups prior to transfer to make it smoother when transfer is [complete data] over , so to dump the grouped members into there perceptive permission groups?

      p.s = thanks for the quick reply.


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        Which forum software are you converting from?


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          Originally posted by Scoutie44 View Post
          Which forum software are you converting from?
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            Oh, lol, I didn't realize it was in the title

            Anyways, I guess you will just have to re-adjust all of the usergroups seeing as ImpEx doesn't convert them.

            If you don't have too many staff members, it shouldn't take too long.


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              groupee - infopop eve

              On the ImpEx system =

              Groupee 1.2.6
              Tier = 1
              Source version support in ImpEx = 1.2.6


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                I do have 6 Permission groups, its an old board over 10 years. But not the same software.

                Thus has needed to change [software, and permissions groups] as time goes on. Its now time for a new change.

                Thanks 4 the quick reply's, I really do appreciate it.


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                  another question

                  another few questions on the same lines...

                  If user groups [selected permission of different groups]
                  how does the import for those members that are in suspention, or banned, or perm deleted/no access get handled?

                  Are these in [so called] user groups also?

                  what is the best approach to use to handle these groups in my import to VB

                  Thank Again


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                    a few months later i can answer my own question: lol

                    For anyone else that may need to now... this is what i found...

                    my originally baned group was placed in to an auto created usergroup, and was called imported banned usergroup. I did have to edit the perrmission and select option "is this a banned group" once i selected yes I was fine.

                    I then massed moved most of the newer banned members to the VB default banned group and mass deleted all other banned members for imported banned user group. then deleted the user group.

                    anyway that is what I ended up doing, not sure if it the most effective way, but it worked.


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