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  • Rumours or Truth Whats is What please

    Ok i been wanting to set up a forum for ages and lets be honest all thsoe free forums out there dont really compare to Vbulletin. I have been a member on several Vbulliten sites and let me tell ya once you tried it, its just not the same other forum providers. So here i am looking to grab myself a vbulliten board to start my own forum but between being on other Vbulliten sites, free forum sites and from what i have heard seen and read here i would love a few points cleard up for me please.

    1) All the Vbulliten sites i went to had a forum and a main site, does vbulliten just suply the forum or does it com with a website 2?
    e.g. when i was at onepieceline a forum site for one piece they had a main webpage where you could down load episodes look at info on the show read reviews so on the they had /forums/ where the actual forum was. so what i am asking is does paying for vbulliten get me the and the /forums/ or just the forum section if you get what i mean here. In simple terms do i get just a forum or a website with it?

    2) Does Vbulletin let you get your own domain name so ican call my site/forum what ever i like

    3) You guys (vbulletin that is) says that we can get our own copy of phpbb which is 1 of the systems vbulletin runs off, so what we really paying for is all the improvments you made to the service?

    ty in advance for the answers to these questions guys will help clear up alot of problems for me

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    1. You are on your own as far as adding a webpage onto the front of vBulletin. vBulletin gives you the forum, and there is a Blog and Project Tools/Bug Tracker/Project Manager add-on if you want. But no front page.

    There is a free add-on for vBulletin called vBAdvanced which gives you an intro page that you can post news, calendar events, etc. Check it out!

    2. vBulletin is software. It is not a hosting service. You'll need to secure web hosting for $6-20/month which has MySQL and PHP support. Then you create an empty MySQL database, upload the vBulletin files, and install the vBulletin software. There is step-by-step documentation. There is a Hosting Recommendations forum here at or you can check if you need help shopping for a webhost. There are tens of thousands of choices.

    3. There is no relationship between vBulletin and phpBB. phpBB is free forum software developed by the team over at vBulletin is developed here at vBulletin by the Jelsoft team. There is nothing in common between the two except maybe some basic functionality. If you want professional forum software, it's not free.


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