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We`ll probably buy vB, please help us

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  • We`ll probably buy vB, please help us

    Hi there,
    We`re going to buy vBulletin, just would be nice to have answers for a couple of questions. If you could help, please do so! We`d appreciate it very much!
    So we`re complete newbees in the world of forums and ebusiness and going to have a pure forum-blog site.
    1. Loved vB demo and noticed that you can edit Keyword Meta Tag in the admin control panel. Appropriate Page Title is also essential for Search Engine Optimisation but could not find this option in the admin CP. How can I edit page titles? Can I edit it within the admin control panel?
    2.We want the page title to change according to the thread/sub-forum watched by the user. Does it happen by default or do we have to make it manually?
    3.We browsed the hosting suggestions thread a lot and finally chose Global Gold. We`re planning to go for their VPS Xpress package but it`s available only on Linux OS. We have no experience with Linux, in your opinion would it be difficult for a windows user to maintain the forum on a server using Linux?
    4. We`re planning to engage in affiliate marketing thus putting banners/links on the site. Is it easy to place those things? How do we do that?
    Thank you!

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    1) No not through the admincp a little more work is needed you will receive instructions howto do it once you actually purchased a licence

    2) this is default

    3) you need to have someone with Linux knowledge in this case as a vps grants you root access you might aswell delete something important without you realizing it

    4) easy you will get instructions ones you have a licence


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      Thank you very much.

      One more question:
      after domain registration and vBulletin installation we would like to take our time to make the structure of our forum, place banners, Google Adsense on it etc. and while doing that we don`t want to allow the public to access our site. Do we get support either from vB or hosting? Thanks again.


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        Andrea, you can easily turn the board off while you make changes which you don't want the public to see. Turning the board off or on is one simple click from the admin control panel. You wouldn't need anyone's support for that.

        If you want someone to help you set up the forums and add the banners, you can probably open a request for vb staff. Otherwise, just ask at the forums and someone will guide you.


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          Oh, when I tried the demo did not notice that option in the admin CP. Thank you!


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            Originally posted by Andrea86 View Post
            Oh, when I tried the demo did not notice that option in the admin CP. Thank you!
            You are welcome.


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              if I am reading you correctly.


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                Thank you! It sounds good!