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You have a converter for WBB 3.x.x ?

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  • You have a converter for WBB 3.x.x ?

    You have a converter for WBB 3.x.x ?
    and if i pay now, i will get the license now?
    With a year license, i will have IMPEX also?

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    Here's a list of what ImpEx can do for wbb3
    Import usergroup
    Import user
    Import forum
    Import thread
    Import post
    Import Private messages
    Import attachment

    ImpEx is available to all license holders, yes.

    License information is only available when the transaction is complete and the payment clears our end. If, for example, you use PayPal with credits currently available in your account, typically, payment will clear in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, if you use bank transfer, for example, it could take up to several business days.
    Best Regards,
    Andy Huang


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      Thank you very much!


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        I get this error, what's the problem?
        Look this image of the my db, there is 2 table prefix, you know it?
        Maybe i get this error for it?

        Altering tables
         ImpEx will now Alter the tables in the vB database to include import id numbers.  This is needed during the import process for maintaining references between the tables during an import.  If you have large tables (i.e. lots of posts) this can take some time.  They will also be left after the import if you need to link back to the original vB userid.   
        moderator - importmoderatorid Completed  
        usergroup - importusergroupid Completed  
        ranks - importrankid Completed  
        poll - importpollid Completed  
        forum - importforumid Completed  
        forum - importcategoryid Completed  
        user - importuserid Completed  
        style - importstyleid Completed  
        thread - importthreadid Completed  
        post - importthreadid Completed  
        thread - importforumid Completed  
        smilie - importsmilieid Completed  
        pmtext - importpmid Completed  
        avatar - importavatarid Completed  
        customavatar - importcustomavatarid Completed  
        customprofilepic - importcustomprofilepicid Completed  
        post - importpostid Completed  
        attachment - importattachmentid Completed  
        pm - importpmid Completed  
        usernote - importusernoteid Completed  
        phrase - importphraseid Completed  
        subscription - importsubscriptionid Completed  
        subscriptionlog - importsubscriptionlogid Completed 
        Valid found tables :
        Possibly custom tables or incorrect prefix :
        acp_menu_item NOT found. 	
        acp_session NOT found. 	
        acp_template NOT found. 	
        acp_template_patch NOT found. 	
        attachment NOT found. 	
        avatar NOT found. 	
        bbcode NOT found. 	
        bbcode_attribute NOT found. 	
        captcha NOT found. 	
        cronjobs NOT found. 	
        cronjobs_log NOT found. 	
        event_listener NOT found. 	
        feed_entry NOT found. 	
        feed_source NOT found. 	
        group NOT found. 	
        group_application NOT found. 	
        group_leader NOT found. 	
        group_option NOT found. 	
        group_option_category NOT found. 	
        group_option_value NOT found. 	
        header_menu_item NOT found. 	
        help_item NOT found. 	
        language NOT found. 	
        language_category NOT found. 	
        language_item NOT found. 	
        language_to_packages NOT found. 	
        option NOT found. 	
        option_category NOT found. 	
        package NOT found. 	
        package_dependency NOT found. 	
        package_installation_file_log NOT found. 	
        package_installation_plugin NOT found. 	
        package_installation_queue NOT found. 	
        package_installation_sql_log NOT found. 	
        package_requirement NOT found. 	
        package_update NOT found. 	
        package_update_fromversion NOT found. 	
        package_update_requirement NOT found. 	
        package_update_server NOT found. 	
        package_update_version NOT found. 	
        page_location NOT found. 	
        pm NOT found. 	
        pm_folder NOT found. 	
        pm_hash NOT found. 	
        pm_to_user NOT found. 	
        poll NOT found. 	
        poll_option NOT found. 	
        poll_option_vote NOT found. 	
        poll_vote NOT found. 	
        search NOT found. 	
        searchable_message_type NOT found. 	
        session NOT found. 	
        smiley NOT found. 	
        spider NOT found. 	
        style NOT found. 	
        style_variable NOT found. 	
        style_variable_to_attribute NOT found. 	
        template NOT found. 	
        template_pack NOT found. 	
        template_patch NOT found. 	
        user NOT found. 	
        user_blacklist NOT found. 	
        user_option NOT found. 	
        user_option_category NOT found. 	
        user_option_value NOT found. 	
        user_rank NOT found. 	
        user_to_groups NOT found. 	
        user_to_languages NOT found. 	
        user_whitelist NOT found. 	
        usercp_menu_item NOT found. 	
        	If you have all red tables, i.e. none correct this could possible be your table prefix : 	


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          Post in the appropriate support forum to receive support.


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            Also register your email in the members area, so you show as licensed.
            I wrote ImpEx.

            Blog | Me


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