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  • Please Guide me Imp**

    Dear Administrator, moderators and members,

    I am new bee to this great community. I am one of the active participants of diffenent forums and also I have been running one phpbb forum.

    Now I would like to purchase the VB forum. For that I need your help. Kindly let me know the details.

    1. For installing the both php and mysql what amount of Hard Disk space is required?
    2. I have my own domain name. So how can I add it to my new vb forum?
    3. I have 250 GB Hard Disk, is it enough to maintain the forum uninterruptedly?
    4. Is it necessary to run the server continuously to enable the users to access the forum? Or is it available, offline to the members/moderators?
    5. After purchasing the forum s/w how to install it?

    Kindly clear all my doubts point wise and help me in building a new forum.

    Thanks in advance to all of the members.
    Yours truly,

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    Before you get started developing your own message board, the first thing I recommend is using our vBulletin demo to get familiar with everything it takes to run a message board. It can be a complex task, and you need to be sure you're ready to tackle it.

    You can set one up for your own use from this page:

    The demo is active for 24 hours. If you feel you need more time, reply to this ticket with the DemoID and ask for an extension.

    You will also want to use our manual as a reference while learning the controls. The manual can be found here:

    It covers most of the basic controls for operation of the software.

    Once you have decided to purchase, there are 2 license choices.

    Owned License ($180 USD):
    This license is a perpetual license. With it, you can run the software forever. It includes email support and 1 year of software updates.
    After the initial year, you can optionally renew access to software updates for a fee. The fee is currently $40 USD if done within 60 days of the expiry date or $60 after. You will still get email support even if you decide to not renew.

    Leased License ($100 USD):
    This license is good for 1 year. After the year is up you must either renew the lease, upgrade to an owned license or remove the software from the server. It also includes all software updates and email support for the term of the license.

    You can order the software here:

    You will also need webhosting and a domain name. vBulletin requires a web server that includes PHP (minimum version 4.3.3) and MySQL (minimum 4.0.16) installed. As long as you choose a host that meets these requirements you will be able to install and run our software.

    You can purchase the domain name at the same time you contract hosting. Most credible hosts now support both PHP and MySQL, and can run our software. We do not make official recommendations, but we do have a hosting review forum here:

    You can also look at, an independent review site. Sometimes you will find hosting specials there that aren't available elsewhere on the web.

    With vBulletin there are 2 different types of disk space usage:

    (1) Web space - For the PHP scripts and images of vBulletin.

    (2) MySQL database space - Which is separate from Web space, and you need to make sure your host gives you enough space in that department.

    When you use vBulletin, you have to take into account both web space and MySQL database space. vBulletin 3.x consists of:

    1. PHP scripts and image files in the zip file you download = 12mb in size once zip file is extracted and uploaded to your Web site account.

    2. MySQL database space which holds the actual vBulletin data:
    - On initial install the MySQL database space used is approximately 10mb, and that is mainly the database table structure and initial data in the database tables.
    - Once you start posting, adding threads, members, polls, private messages, attachments, avatars etc, your MySQL database space is the one that grows and should be your main concern - MySQL disk space.

    How much MySQL disk space is used is highly dependent on the type of forum you run, and factors such as:
    - Your average allowed attachment and avatar size
    - How many attachments and avatars you have stored in your vBulletin database
    - How many private messages you have stored in your vBulletin database from members
    - How many posts and threads you have and the size and variables you have set for your searchindex
    - How many members you have
    - How many forums you have
    And so on and so forth.

    For example, one installation we have seen had 5,800+ members, 40,000 threads, 662,000 posts, 70,000 private messages and 8,000 attachments. The total MySQL database size was 940MB - which comes to around 140MB per 100,000 posts. Please note that it does vary from forum to forum, so your mileage may vary.
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API


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