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Yet another license question

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  • Yet another license question

    Jake wrote:
    1. Your forum is accessable from multiple domains but the content is the same for each link. This is OK and does not require multiple licenses. My site is an example of a multi-domain setup that is allowed:

      Notice how each domain points to exactly the same content.
    2. Your forum is accessable from multiple domains but each domain shows a different forum style. This is OK and does not require multiple licenses.
    3. Your forum is accessable from multiple domains and your forums are configured to show/hide certain forums based on the domain. This is not OK and requires an active vBulletin license for each domain. In this situation the forums appear to have separate content thereby making them separate forums in the eyes of the license agreement. Your forum content needs to be the same for each domain in order to qualify as a single forum.

    The underlying question here is, do the different links appear as separate forums? If so then multiple licenses are required.

    Separating content and forum styles by using subforums and forumdisplay links within a single domain is allowed because that functionality is built-in to vBulletin.
    Question 1:
    Could these legally point to different subforums on Jake's site? Assuming the members could then navigate Jake's forums in the normal manner but would be starting from different starting places/subforums.

    Question 2:
    I don't understand the bold part, does it only apply to the different styles?

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    What I am trying to accomplish is to have: go to a subforum on myforums go to a different subdomain on myforums

    When new members sign up they have to declare "republican" or "democrat" affiliation - and each member would be put in the "republican" or "democrat" respective groups. "republicans" could talk in their subforum but democrats could not post in the republican section & vice versa.

    Both groups could then discuss things in the general area.

    I think all that is ok to do, not sure though.

    Would it make any difference if went to a splash page with news feeds with a link to the republican subforum? I think that makes no difference, but again not sure.


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      Never mind, was not a good idea.

      The only way pointing to different subforums would be useful is if the people coming from one site did not see the same information/threads as people coming from the other site which is clearly a violation of the license agreement. If unregistered users could see both forums there would be no point to having separate links.

      I still like the idea of republicans only having access to their own forum and vice versa for the democrats though, but that could be handled with separate splash pages having passionate pleas to join their respective parties when signing up - then point to the exact same myforums home page where unregistered users could see neither the democratic or republican forums until they signed up and decared party affiliation.

      Obviously many aliases would be created to spy on the other side, but that is just part of the fun.


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        That was much faster

        Another copy of vBulletin purchased.

        Much faster doing it the 2nd time.


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