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  • A series of questions...

    Just looking into VB and having a couple of questions

    -Can a post (the FIRST message of a thread only) be made 'public' (accessible by everyone or certain groups) but all the answers only accessible to registered members or specific groups?
    e.g. post a question but have all the answers reserved to premium members?
    -Can the layout be customized through the admin interface to an extend where for instance all threads are shown in a forum but you remove/hide the 'last post' column and 'number of replies' column? Or is that only achievable through hacks?
    -How easy is it to design one's own template for the forum? Is the design mostly an CSS sheet or is it more of a "hard-coded" template?
    -How easily can VB be made SEO friendly (e.g. support URL rewrite, etc)? I saw an extension mentioned (VBSEO I believe) and was wondering if VB as a company "recommends" an extension like that (without supporting it obviously)?
    -How well supported (out of the box) are Google tools like Google Analytics, Adsense and Google Search? If not 'supported' out of the box, how easily can they be integrated into VB?
    -Is it possible to have a forum where people submit ideas (as posts), where every member can only see his submissions (his posts) but not everyone elses posts, but an admin or moderator (or even specific groups) can see all posts?
    -How easy is it to "strip the site down" from functionalities I do not plan on using: e.g. disabling post icons, disabling images in signatures, removing statistical info both at the bottom of the site and within posts (author box) and things like that. I'd like to keep my forum as clean, tidy and light as possible

    Thanks in advance

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    1. Sorry, there is no function to do this. This requires modifying the code. We cannot officially support code modifications or forums running modified code, however you can try searching or asking for help with this over at

    2. Yes, you can modify the templates to do that.

    3. That depends on your HTML knowledge and skill and how much you want to change.

    4. vB is already inherently SEO friendly. I see no need for any add-ons myself.

    5. Those are not supported officially, but they are simple template edits.

    6. Yes, you can do that with forum and usergroup permissions.

    7. Same as #3.
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