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Question before buying about possible functions of vBulletins and addons!

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  • riderbook
    there are social groups, where one member can invite other you can set the permissions after u get into it
    u can use vBportal or any others available in, the simplicity and requirements differ from an forum to forum,if you want to display your news r get rss feeds from other news site you wish to get it and add it in your same portal

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  • JusticeBet
    Thanks, this sounds good so far!! Can you advise me a good news/newsletter script for my purpose??

    What's about the adpotion of the age-group when the moderator of a age-group invites somebody? Is there a logging about who invites who??

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  • riderbook
    profiles could be added with profile field manager option in admin panel of vb
    searches via profile field can be enabled I guess, its an default option
    for news you can use the various portals available in and have your custom messages or any particular thread msgs around
    newsletter option is available but you can modify it or have it in much more expandable manner by getting add on from
    or you can use bulk email option to send email in html formatting mode

    vB rocks !!!

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  • Question before buying about possible functions of vBulletins and addons!


    we want to build a new project to our site! Now I told the other members of the project-group that it could be possible to achieve with vBulletin and some nice addons but I also told them that I would ask before we'll buy it!

    First we want to have the forum and the portal hidden, so you have to login to read and see anything about the project!

    The site is supposed to work as a portal for ex-members of our school. So after one age-group has graduated we want to create one new sub-forum for this age-group in the forums (for discussion and planing about a meeting) and one user that will be the moderator for this age-group. Since the registration is not open but by invite, this first user for the age-group has to invite the pupils of his age-group that can than, after registration, also invite other pupils...It must be logged, which person was invited by which registrated member so that we see when somebody invites a person that was not in this age-group or now on the school!

    Now every pupil has a profile with many details that are all (except the mail adress, the pre- and surname and the password) optional:

    Job, Address, Picture, Old Picture (from the schooltime, so may be some years back), family status, the age-group (A-levels graduation 2001 or 2002 etc ...; should be adopted from the moderator of this age-group since the age-group is the same).

    Now there must be a search function where you can search other registrated members by:

    Prename, Surname, E-Mail Address, Family Status, Age-Group etc ... (Every profile-detail should be searchable alone or in combination (if wanted) with other details).

    Now the entry page after logging in has to be a news-site. The shows news should be general news (can only be published by the administrator) and news concerning the age-group which the logged in person belongs to. These age-group news can be written by the administrator (for each age-group) or by the moderator of the respective age-group.

    Further we want to have a newsletter function that should work the same way as the news-site does:

    The administrator can send a general newsletter (to every registrated person) or a newsletter to a certain age-group and each moderator of a certain age-group can only send a letter to this group (that has to be apporved by the admin before leaving the server). Nice to have would be an archive for the sent newsletters.

    So now please tell me if that's all possible with vbulletin and addons (please tell me also the names of the addons). Than we'll buy it :-)

    Thanks a lot!

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