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Word screening and notification

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  • nexialys
    for "filtering" content of the posts, vBulletin now contain a key to Akismet and an inline spam protection:
    details here:

    and people will ALWAYS post innapropriate content to any forum, because they are guided by a magnet to not post always good content... you have the responsability to make your forum interesting and well moderated, so the members will feel at home and will behave.

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  • ketanco
    started a topic Word screening and notification

    Word screening and notification

    I am trying to decide whether to put forums or not on my website. This question has probably come up many times but my concern is what if someone posts inappropriate content. Now I heard that there are certain word screens you can apply so those messages dont get posted. Also is there something that based on keywords you define, if a message contains those words, that message comes to your attention as a moderator and only if you approve it gets posted?

    This is the only concern I have to decide whether to start a forum or not - people's post of inaprropriate content I mean. When you let people post content on your site, there comes some problems I believe. So, what are the general proplems, approach and solution on this, what do people usually do who has forums on their sites regarding this issue?

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