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    I have read the technical requirements in this thread ^

    What I am asking:

    I am fairly new to website design, management and customization all together; so I ask that you please bear with me (for those of you with the patience to do so, thanks a bunch). Here's a little information on my intentions and what I'm willing to do to vitalize them using Vbulletin.

    I've always been a fan of gaming, hardware and gaming news. A while back a friend of mine, (as equally game insane as I am), started an online magazine centralized around gaming/tech/hardware news and reviews. It was fun, but it was short lived and we didn't have the opportunities to actually get anything moving beyond the few people who were interested to begin with. We hosted and sent it out (via email to subscribers {free subscriptions}) through our own free email providers and a site that we grew fond of, that'll remain unnamed. It was really just a fun way to pass time and write review articles... however we both felt that it's purpose wasn't being met through the standards we were given. Basically we're tired of using another site and their limitations to provide an online gaming and hardware community with news.

    What we'd like to do:

    Set up a website dedicated to gaming, hardware and gaming/hardware news/reviews; utilizing web forums (preferably Vbulletin). It seems like a long shot, but my partner and I would love to take a stab at this, seeing as it provides us with something to do and experience with something we both enjoy. Please keep in mind that as of right now this is strictly being looked at along the lines of a self pay, non profit idea. Possibly, if things work out; I plan on looking into affiliation and future support profits.

    What I'm asking anyone interested in helping me out here:

    Can you help me set up my services (I'm not asking for payment help, just help with setting up/picking a good website host, setting up the website/forums etc).

    I need to decide on a Vbulletin compatible web host, a domain name, (more or less, we're a little stumped with something catchy), and whether or not Vbulletin would be right for my future site's forum network.

    It may seem like I'm asking you to basically hold my hand with this, but I've got minimal experience with setting up website's. The actual web design and coding I'm fairly adamant with, to a degree, however I just want to make sure I choose a good host, and can get my forum/site set up efficiently.

    I'm not asking for the help and time you're willing to put in for free of course, no. I'd be more than willing to make you an admin, staff or invite you to participate in the site when it's completed. So if you have a preferred web host, or are willing to help me out here please let me know ^__^ I plan on purchasing a Vbulletin license, and I'm willing to pay for an affordable web host; but I'd like to hear what you would recommend before making the final decisions.

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    I would go with - they are by far the best for the shared hosting environment, when i had my shared hosting with this company, they were great!, 0 downtime, extremely powerful servers, and very generous with their server resources.. Plus you get a hell of alot for your money, and the support is excellent. If you ever have any problems, your support tickets are usually responded to and the problem sorted within minutes. Best thing of all, the price. at something like £50 a year, you really can't go wrong.

    As for setting up vbulletin, you don't really need any experience at all for this, and if you get stuck, chuck me a PM, and i'll do it for you. only takes a matter of minutes.

    Hope this helps.
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      Well, first off I had a great experience with HostGator although I left after a month because the couldn't support my preferred payment method.

      I have also had good experience with you get unlimited space and bandwidth and you get a free domain if you pay for a year in advance. are my favorite though. It is cheap and they are really helpful.

      As for a domain it really depends on what sort of thing you are looking for. If you are looking for a very obvious domain, it will be harder to get. You will have to compromise a a short domain or a good extension.

      So, you could go for something long like: (still availible)
      Or get a not so popular extension.

      However, I find the best way is to make something unique. For example, I thought up, is it short and I got a .com

      So you could try thinging up something like that or search for a latin translater and they often give good results.

      If you need any help setting up the website, I can help, website and forums wise. Just give me a PM.

      Hope, this helps, if you have any other questions, just PM me.


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