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Is Semi-Registration possible ?

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  • Is Semi-Registration possible ?


    I want to open my forum to a large audience a the begining and don't want people must register to post a message.
    I would like to have semi-registration like on Network54 forums
    Is this possible in VBulletin ?

    semi-registration= people anonymous can post, members can post and just enter their password


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    I do not know how Network54 forum works, so I cannot comment much on that front. However, you can allow guests / unregistered users to post on vBulletin. Their posts will come up with the name they've chose to enter, but not linked to any profile, and will show up as "Guest" instead of "New Member" or any other user title.
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      do you know where this can be changed? in vbulletin options?


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        As Andy said you can allow the Unregistered usergroup to post. The rest requires modifying the code. We cannot officially support code modifications or forums running modified code, however you can try searching or asking about this in the Pre-sales forum over at
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          thanks so this is possible to have registered and unregistered posting, excellent!

          Do you know if this is possible to have a different style of presentation like outline-bullets like this one: ?

          or other styles? and where to change it in admin?



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            look in the top bar of the first post for hybrid or threaded mode under the "display modes" menu. I think that is what you are asking.


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              I don't see what you are talking about? where is it? is it add-on/plugin or in admin panel?



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                in the first post of this thread there are little symbols in the top right corner. one is a yeild sign, one is a scale, the other is the post number. right above those icons, you can change your personal settings for veiwing the thread.

                You can make them a default in the admin panel.
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                  thanks, but I see this is like hybrid mode even when I choose threaded, and the window is scrollable and not full page.
                  are there more display modes available to have exactly like on network54? I find this mode better for everybody to post

                  thanks for your patience!!


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                    From your link, I am only seeing a few lines. I was going off your link. I do not know how large of a page you can generate with it.

                    it may be easier to ask on the sister site as they have more experience with custom styles and what can be done.
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