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    How much profit can you make from a message board website?? I was wondering is the sky the limit, based on the traffic, or is there usually a set amount of how much these boards earn?? THANKS!

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    I'm just glad to have my expenses covered.
    There are several threads on potential income.

    I wouldn't quit your day job just yet.
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      It depends.

      Someone from vBSEO claims he earned $1400 in a single day: Source.


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        $1400 in a day WoW!


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          I make some pretty good money. More then enough to pay my $280.00 a month dedicated server bill.


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            it really depends on traffic, search engine ranks and indexed pages, and how well monetized your site is


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              Very true. Don't think you can put up another car forum and make money. No money will be produced if no one comes to your website.


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                So, what ad networks do you guys use, apart from Google Adsense?


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                  Ebay Partner Network. I pull ebay auctions via RSS feed and turn them in to threads. Also AdSense.

                  I also have a premier membership program and a few supporting vendors. I do not allow anyone to advertise on my forum unless they are a supporting vendor. I am paying for the server so why should I let any Tom, Dick, or Harry get free advertising. I ban those that can not understand this policy.

                  Premier members get much more privileges then regular members, i.e. can use attachments, can use vBlog, can put images, BBCode, and links in their sig, get more space on my PhotoPost gallery and I do not limit how many photos they can upload daily. Premier members have access to special sections that the registered members can see but not see the threads in them. There are a few other perks I give the premier members like sending them an official forum patch.

                  I also have quarterly contests that only premier members are eligible to win. Prizes range in value from $200 - $500.

                  But I will tell you that my forum is not just about making money. I am truly interested in the subject and genuinely interested in the active members. I never started the forum in 2003 with the idea of making a profit. It just worked out that way.

                  I don't tolerate flaming on my forum. Membership is a privilege to those who can act like adults. This weeds out the riff-raff and leaves me with, at this time over 25,000, members who care about the forum.


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                    I see you have a PC Help forum. What makes your forum stand out among the thousand other PC Help forums? Ask yourself, "Why would someone want to participate or visit my forum"? What does your forum have that the thousand other PC Help forum don't?


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                      One last thing. Forget affiliate programs (Commision Junction, etc...). I have tried them for years and only made a few bucks. If a company wants to advertise on my high traffic website they need to pay me up front.

                      Also get Quantfied!! -


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                        bplinson: Does eBay Partner Network make much?

                        Well, that is a very good question, and one I've thought over and over again. However, if a user needs help with a computer problem, then I don't think they care which PC forum it is, as long as they receive the help they want. I'm in an high niche, yeah, but that doesn't mean I cannot compete for keywords, infact I've already won a few of the big ones...I'm not trying to rank for computer keywords that are less commonly used...see how it goes.


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                          Originally posted by Jason2 View Post
                          bplinson: Does eBay Partner Network make much?
                          Depends on how much you think much is.

                          I can't quit my day just but since I started using Ebay Partner Network it has more than paid my server bill.


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                            I signed up...see how it goes. What do you use? Ads, text links ?


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                              I pull down auctions that fit the topic of my forum via ebay RSS feed. When I create the eBay RSS feed I have it select NEW LISTINGS.

                              I then create an RSS feed in VB and have the RSS feed create a thread for each auction.

                              It creates a bunch of threads. Mine creates 600 threads a day. The number of threads it creates will depend on the search keywords you use or create you ebay RSS.

                              Some members may now like seeing the multiple threads in the NEW POSTS or TODAYS posts. To exclude the eBay threads see my thread here:

                              Also see this thread by Jake Bunce:

                              You might have to look at this thread also:


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