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Integrate/embed with an existing member database

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  • Integrate/embed with an existing member database

    How hard is it to integrate vbulletin with an existing site with an existing member database?

    What I'd like to do is make it so that when you log in to our site, you are also logged in to vbulletin. And when we add/delete users on our site, they get added/deleted from vbulletin.

    My current site is based on php and mysql. I've already done something similar with gallery2, so I'm hoping it's not too hard.

    Any pointers to the documents I should look at for how it's done?

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    We cannot offer support on custom coding, so we cannot really comment on how complicated this task would be. However, there are many login integration addons availble on, our code hacking and resources community, which you may be able to use as reference to create your integration tool.
    Best Regards,
    Andy Huang


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      I don't quite understand why you can't answer that question, but anyway ... I was poking around the documentation and it appears that using the Data Manager would be the way to do it.

      Can you at least confirm whether or not that's the right approach? If so, it seems like it would be pretty straight-forward.


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        Yes, it is definetly possible and logical. We just cannot provide support for coding because we do not have the human resources available to support everyone with different coding needs / requirements / etc..

        In a nut shell, if you would like to keep your existing user table as primary, you will need to some how copy the user information into vbulletin's database (perhaps copy it with a hook when users are logging in?). You will also need to insert new registrations using datamanager, this part is pretty easy. Finally, when users' are logging in, set the cookies, and vBulletin should recognize them as logged in.

        Problems you may encounter are:
        1) Old user's password are encrypted/hashed differently than vBulletin's hash (hook at login as mentioned above).
        2) What happens when user tries to change password via vb user cp interface (hook at that location to update your own db?).
        3) Cookie cannot be set on a different domain (IE: cannot set cookie for, no work around for this one unless you forward a token based cookie setter or something along those lines).
        etc. etc.
        Best Regards,
        Andy Huang


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          Cool, thanks for the info!


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