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Wodering why my ticket does not get an answer

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  • Wodering why my ticket does not get an answer

    ticket number 814233 is now open open 4 hours, and got no reply. Yet the average time for the last 30 tickets is set to 0:17 min. Any reason why mine is not answered just as quickly.

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    Depends on the problem or the staff member assigned to it.


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      You understand the term average, correct?


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        Yes, I understand the term average. As it has been over 5 and a half hours, lets see what the minimum average time, of the other tickets:
        X stands for my ticket, waiting, say 5 hours. That is 300 minutes
        Y stands for one average ticket, among all the other tickets.

        (Y * 29 + X) / 30 = 16
        X = 300

        That means
        (29Y + 300 ) / 30 = 16 | * 30
        29Y + 300 = 480 | - 300
        29Y = 180 | / 29
        Y = 6.2 minutes

        So you either say that all tickets have been answered in about within 6.2 minutes, and mine - oddly, takes over 5 hours to say: "Hay, we've heard your complaint, but we don't have anyone available at the moment",or that something is not working will with the ticket system.


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          Wow. You need a hobby or a girlfriend. lol

          If you need help in the meantime, post in the forum and someone will help out. Otherwise, try some patience.



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            Well, my wife would disagree (about the girlfriend, anyhow). I'm just saying that this average should be something that will have anything to do with the expected time for an answer, and it seem like it's not working that way.


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              It hasn't been answered because you keep replying or bumping to the ticket which pushes it to the bottom of the list. Tickets are worked from oldest to newest. Every time you reply it gets a newer timestamp. At this time, due to this, your ticket is actually the very last ticket in the queue even though it was originally posted hours ago. There are currently about 40 tickets ahead of yours.
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