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  • Forum integration with website

    I am debating about purchasing a license with vBulletin but only a couple things are stopping me from doing so. First off, I have been using Joomla and only really ran into a minimal amount of problems with it. What I liked was how Joomla handled the content with the main pages of the website. It looks like you can fairly easily do the same with vBulletin. Bringing me to my question, once I purchase a license and say I purchase a style to go with the forums. How difficult is it to set up the main base of the website so it is meshed well together with the forums? Or is anything outside the forum with vBulletin completely your own coding and setting it up yourself? A set up such as below....

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I am wondering about this also. The site is using the thing I want - like, you log in on their main site, you get to post and put up tabs for songs, and you are also logged on to the forum..
    Any help would be nice



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      Would anyone at least be able to point me in some direction of where I can get more information on how to do this?


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        there is a bridge for joomla/vB available, but it is not officially supported.


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          I'm not really looking to use Joomla though. After searching around a bit, I did find vbadvanced CMPS and vbadvanced Dynamics, which seems to be pretty similar to what I am looking for. My only question with that though does the main page of the website change in style when you change the style with the forum?


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            That depends on the third-party add-on you would use. It's best to either ask over at vbAdvanced or at
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              Hi. The title of this thread caught my eye, because I have dealt with this problem of combining a website with a forum. Basically, I just ended up pasting the forum into an Iframe. This is perhaps not slick enough for many websites, but it works for me. See The interactive web page template. And Holistic Health News & Information..

     : It seems to me they have not 'integrated' the Vbulletin with any other software. I may be wrong. But it seems to me they have simply:
              a. Made a high quality but otherwise typical design hack of the Vbulletin within the typical /forum/ subfolder... and...
              b. Pasted a vbulletin log-in on to the Home page of the website.

     : same thing...?

              I personally think that this is a good way to go. I.e., do not attempt to unify the Vbulletin with another software. Try instead to work within the Vbulletin's extensive capabilities. If necessary, include some of the extensive free hacks available at You can also hire web designers skilled in Vbulletin hacks, at,, or Otherwise, if you attempt to integrate two softwares, then you will have a more complex and costly headache, which may be repeated with each major upgrade. And for security you will want to make these upgrades promptly.

              My own solution is even simpler. No hacking at all. Like I say, I just pasted the Vbulletin into an Iframe. Not very snazzy, but plenty effective for an information-driven website. Later, if money starts coming in, then I can hire a professional designer to spiff it up like those others.
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                I appreciate the response and help Christophe_O. That ultimate guitar site was basically the same thing with how they integrated vBulletin into the rest of the website, which is what I'm looking to do. I wasn't planning on integrating vBulletin with any other software, which I don't believe either of those two sites did either. Like you said, more headaches. Earlier I was looking at vbadvanced but I'm not sure if that will lead to the results I'm looking for.

                As for cutting the code and pasting the log in information onto the home page. Would that just consist of finding the code in vBulletin, copying the log in section (pieces of it) and pasting it back onto the home page?

                If so, I might try and play with that idea as well as your idea of using an Iframe.


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                  Originally posted by Sm1th146 View Post
                  As for cutting the code and pasting the log in information onto the home page. Would that just consist of finding the code in vBulletin, copying the log in section (pieces of it) and pasting it back onto the home page?
                  • I don't know how to paste the log-in but there is a thread about that in my forum: How to create custom PHP pages using a Vbulletin database. I have not done such things yet, but these are my preliminary notes.
                  • Many leading sites have no log-in on the Home page, nor modify the forum, but just 'click here for the forum'.
                  • I have not had time to learn about Joomla and other 'Content Management' programs. I have focused on learning basic HTML to maintain anything I want without depending on experts or software.
                  • However what is simple for me, seems difficult for many people. That is why weblogs are so popular: a respected format without knowing anything about formatting. Perhaps this is what Joomla does for you.
                  • I have just learned what is VBadvanced. Looks like a Joomla that is especially designed for integration with Vbulletin. Seems to me you can't do better.
                  • Don't take me too seriously. I'm just somebody trying to get some websites going while learning as little technobabble as possible.
                  • But if you are doing well with Joomla--and if you are totally certain that you want a forum--then I would suspect that by switching to Vbulletin + Vbadvanced, you will soon be way ahead of me, with or without the technobabble.
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                    Thanks for all the help Christophe_O. I'm going to be purchasing a vBulletin early next week and I'll be playing around with it as well with vbAdvanced. Most likely some other things as well and see what I can come up with. I know a little HTML but I wouldn't say I'm advanced at all. I appreciate your responses, they helped me in my purchase of vBulletin.


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