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What are the odds of success?

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  • What are the odds of success?

    When 3.7 came out in beta, I was thinking about it, but couldn't get the test script to pass on my yahoo site. I figured if I can't even get the little script to work, odds are I will have no success at an install. So I changed hosts, created a new mysql database, and ran the script. It passes with all but the magic_quotes_gpc claiming that it should be off. I couldn't find the php.ini file so I got on chat with my host, they uploaded it for me real time, and now all seems golden.

    My biggest fear is that I will spend lots of time and money, and still not have vb installed. Now that I've had a little success, am I in the clear for an ez install, or is it giant pita from here?

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    Installing vBulletin is simple. All it takes is the ability to understand and follow the simple instructions required to upload the files, update the config-file and run the install-script.
    By what you have already done, it seems you won't have any difficulty achieving these tasks.
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      Like Fusion said, VB is pretty simple to set up.

      All you need to do is:
      1. Set up a mysql database and a user that can access it (done in CPanel).
      2. Edit the file, filling in the database name, user and password that you just created
      3. Rename to config.php
      4. Upload (if you haven't, already)
      5. Browse to install/install.php in your browser

      and the rest is history.


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        Thanks a ton for the replies, it looks like I'll be out a buck sixty when I get home tonight!


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          There is a professional installation service available.

          Btw, what host is this, that they just change the php configuration for a single customer?


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            I know there are services available, I'm also paranoid about having to rely on someone else to make changes, not to mention the ongoing costs. There is no question that if I can properly manage vb, that's the way to go.

            My new host is hostgator. I've read lots of good, and some bad. One thing I discovered is that every host has people to complain about them, so I used their chat support before I went with them as a sort of test. I've used it a few times now, they are fast, courteous, and actually helpful.

            As far as the last comment, I have no idea what I'm doing so if I misspeak, there's the reason. I don't think they made some huge change just for me by any means. I noticed the magic_quotes_gpc error, and read through some of the vb documentation to see if I could resolve it. The documentation said it was just a modification to the php.ini file which I could not find in any of the folders on my site. I got on chat with hostgator asking where it was, and he said he would upload it for me. He put it in my public_html folder with the vb test script. I found the line which dealt with magic_quotes_gpc and it said it was off. So, I ran the script again, and it passed. My guess is that for some reason the vb test script defaulted to on possibly because it couldn't find php.ini since it wasn't in the same folder. Anyway, these are just some assumptions, please correct me if I'm wrong, I really need to learn this stuff since I'm finally going to go for it.

            Edit: Well I bought it and installed it in like 10 minutes, took over an hour just to roughly go through the admin settings though. Anyway jeez, what was I so worried about???
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