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    although I have quite a bit of experience taking part if forums and discussion groups that use the vbulletin software, I have very little experience in setting up, or managing my own, so I apologize if my questions may fall into the "duh, its obvious catagory"

    my question is in regards to advertising, specifically what sort of advertising can I have on each page, am I limited to my own banner programs? or can I take part in adsense, and the others.

    also, in several forums, I have seen text with in a post converted into a hotkey, where clicking on that particular piece of text takes you to an advertising site, can anyone point me to the sort of programs that are set up for that sort of monetization?

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    You can use virtually any type of ad-system with vBulletin, linked to various areas of your forum.

    A Quick Overview of the Ad Locations
    Toddler from Hell


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      My ads simply won't appear. I set them up in CP Admin and they ran previously. I moved to another server and now they have stopped appearing. I am using the default skin and have not made any special modifications other than vbSEO. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can troubleshoot this problem?