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Assist in the purchase of a licence for life

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  • Assist in the purchase of a licence for life

    You have to buy a licence and to date I have had no letter emphasized that the amount had been transferred was sure that the amount had been withdrawn
    What action now, or what is the procedure that I want to get what you buy to begin path in the pages of the Internet

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation

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    I am sorry because I am not Agid English, I use Google translator.

    I hope that the issue in its proper place

    Thank you


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      If you have already processed an offline payment and need to see if it cleared, you need to send an email to [email protected] with the invoice information in order for us to track it.
      Translations provided by Google.

      Wayne Luke
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        After full registration process data and I received a letter in which much information
        I re-sent once again to [email protected] re-send the form to date and did not receive any any other mail

        Do you wait 24 hours again informed that the operation had been conducted on the night of Friday

        Thank you


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          Please reply to the subject, my brothers because I am a loss Have you I correct process

          Or not

          Thank you


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            After greeting
            You have to track all the steps of purchase you have to buy a copy license for life.
            The amount has been withdrawn from our agenda and also $ 160
            Note that after reviewing our expense used to purchase licensing proved to us the conversion process.
            But until now did we receive a letter assures us you have to activate our expense
            Is there a particular problem for example, or an error in the process
            Also been the subject of the Special Forum you did not see any reaction or response to await

            What is the solution now
            If you agree with the modified
            Please mention piece and re-payment

            If you agree with the modified Please expedite the process

            Thank you


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              I was unable to locate an email from your registered email address in regards to this matter, can you please let me know the ticket number (included in automatic reply) so I can look into this matter in detail for you?
              Best Regards,
              Andy Huang


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                I've hidden your post's content to prevent any senstive information to be extracted from it.

                Offline order takes a long time to complete. On average, wire transfers can take up to 4-6 business days, and checks can take as long as necessary for the check to reach us, be deposited and clear our bank.

                License information is not sent to you until the order is completely cleared on our end. Based on what information you've provided us, my guess is that you've elected wire transfer as your payment option. If so, you will most likely get your customer detail around April 16th to April 18th, when it clears our system. If you do not receive the information by then, please contact us by emailing us at [email protected], and include your Purchase ID (EE#########9); and we can track the order status details for you manually.
                Best Regards,
                Andy Huang


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                  Thank you for your attention

                  While awaiting your reply

                  Thank you once again


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                    Good morning

                    Do you know what I am very concerned

                    Because I was fraud, fraud ... Previously were not with sufficient information on how to purchase the original version did not conversant forums
                    Has been paid to the operator as a person through the Web $ 160 dollars to buy original But after going down version 3.7 I wanted to have the best.
                    But I discovered that I do not have any membership or a special number for customers that I used the new version.

                    Following discussions in forums I discovered that I was subjected to fraud, after attempts to contact the person who sold me a legal version of others leaving all endeavours fail.
                    Pedt close immediately on-site and you buy a licence myself personally, not to touch on the same problem again.

                    Site is still closed for this reason I want to accelerate the procedure of hope.
                    Where I work at the Forum is in this format without any licence or without anything.

                    This is to avoid any action on my right, so learning that the company had been fraud, fraud
                    This was before 4 to 5 months ago.

                    Waiting for a letter activation Please do not want to continue with this situation
                    Fear that lose all my best to build the site.

                    Please reply as this today is the fourth day of the conversion began amount to $ 160.

                    Thank you


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                      Please send an email to [email protected] and include your order information that you received then we can look into this.



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                        I have sent several letters to the sales I have also included the message that I received here in the same subject

                        I will also send another message.


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                          I am still waiting for your letter this is the fifth day of the conversion and began mobilizing Forum private data.

                          It was the bank said amount to a discount of $ 160 for the amount of $ 20.53, I do not know why this amount also

                          While awaiting your response and I am confident that you will do you the necessary action as soon as possible.


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                            Originally posted by Andy Huang View Post
                            If so, you will most likely get your customer detail around April 16th to April 18th, when it clears our system.
                            You still have 3 days to wait


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                              Is there a way to use rapid conversion the oistr Union


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