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need an experienced installer (smf to VB)

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  • need an experienced installer (smf to VB)

    Hey everyone,

    I currently have an SMF forum and I would love to switch to VB but I want a reliable experienced person to do the switch (save the member names etc) and also be around for random updates here and there.

    I would also like some help on the styling of the boards after the install and addition of ad banners and adsense

    edit- I want to use the vbadvanced portal as well

    who can do it and what would the cost be?


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    Please note that it is against the rules to solicit paid services on these forums:

    You can try posting in the 'Requests for Paid Services' forum at for help with this.
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      wow, ok didnt catch that.... usually rules are against people advertising and not people sincerely looking for help which could most likely come directly from the company that they are looking at buying a product from and spending more money with.. all I really wanted were a few recommendations of experienced people to talk with, anyways

      I will be on my way, thanks