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    I'm seriously considering switching from phpbb2 to vButlletin but so far all the demos and examples all look the same. How easy is it to amend the colours to fit in with my current main site scheme? (black and orange) anyone have any links or screen shots of different coloured forums? thanks.

    Also, does anyone know if it's possibly to copy the database across from phpbb2 into the Vb board and keep both running seperately (on different domains)? basically I just want to be sure that VB works fine and my team can get the hang of it before I dump phpbb etc.

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    Quite easy, just changing some CSS in the style manager.

    You can't "copy" it, but ImpEx can import all your data from your phpBB2 board. Before doing this though, you must close your phpBB board to new posts. The ImpEx program will be available should you decide to go with vB.


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      thanks for the post,

      Does that mean that I can re-open the phpbb board after downloading the info and allow that site to continue, then say in a week or so once I'm confident I would close the phpbb, download again and totally switch to the Vb board


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        Sure, but any posts made on the PHPBB2 board after you import won't show up on the vB board.


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          Could I not delete the Vb database and then re-instal the phpbb database again.

          (the idea is that none of my mods or fellow admin...or me, have worked with VB before and would like a week or so to really get the hang of everything before going live with our membership...if that makes sense?)


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            I see no reason you couldn't do that, it seems logical to import the the data to see that the conversion is fully working, test features etc out whilst keeping your current site running. Always make sure to have a backup or two of your database of course

            As for skins, yeah the default ones are pretty plain but it's easy to customise and if you're looking for examples try, they have tons of free skins to look at.
            - TomJames


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