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  • the unique features of vBulletin


    I am starting a website and if possible, i prefer to start it right even if it means paying some license fees upfront.

    (1) I would like to know what vbulletin truly excels in.

    (2) The copyright notice at the people also add in their own copyright notice, eg Copyright 2008 by ABC Company, next to Jelsoft? Of course i presume that Jelsoft's copyright is to the software and not to the forum contents.

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    vBulletin excells in ease of use and management,configuration, adding templates/styles and mods etc is very easy .

    Support to owners is superb too.

    Yes you can add your own copyright notice in the footer to cover your content, you can also pay a one time fee to legally remove thevB/Jelsoft copyright if you wish.


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      vBulletin excell in a lot of places, like the software security structure, the ease of learning for the new administrations, and certainly the number of default features you find in the software that you would find as addons in many others.

      it could be easy to say "wait some times and a better software will be announced elsewhere on the net"... but there is none... even the newest projects are just trying to do the same as vBulletin, but they are not able to... and for that price, you have good support instead of just a fan site.

      the copyright can be deleted when you pay the "Branding Free" options, and as you indicate, that copyright is about the software, like indicated in the documentation... you can apply your own copyright text for the content of your site, as Jelsoft/vBulletin will never be responsible for the content of your site... just the usage of the software it drives.
      oh no, i'm not going with Xenforo... come on, i'm better than that... i stick with Wordpress... rofl


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        Thank you very much guys....i was trying out the demo and find it is very intuitive...the response seems to be very fast but that may be due to the high configuration back-end servers...?

        regarding the copyright, i saw a site where it was tastefully done....the vbulletin copyright comes on top and the owner's copyright is immediately below that

        Here's something amusing though....i spent the better part of the hour trying to log into the forum at



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          Originally posted by Isaacheng View Post
          Here's something amusing though....i spent the better part of the hour trying to log into the forum at

          Did you register over there? If so, what was the reason you couldn't login?
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            no, i didn't register there....what i was trying to do is to find this thread and of course it wasn't there

            ....i was thinking, gosh, they deleted my thread without even telling me

            and when i tried logging in and found that it couldn't....i thought they even deleted my userid?!

            and of course, why are they doing that?


            actually it might be better if there is only one forum instead of two...because it may lead to some misunderstanding, unneccessary ones in my opinion


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     (this website) is the main home for vBulletin, and updates and support.

     is the main modifications site for vBulletin, providing hacks and modifications to spice-up your vBulletin. This website was created to ensure that only licensed vBulletin customers can acquire the mods.

              You can also find a wide range of vBulletin fan sites, which will still offer good advice, but are un-official and not supported by the vBulletin staff.
              -- David.

              If I spend much more time browsing these forums, I could be subjected to: 1. Burnt retinas, 2. Angry customers, 3. Lack of moderation, 4. Arguments.
              This used to be a nice place; what the hell's gone wrong?


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                well, decision made

                Steve, thanks for answering my questions so was one of the factors that helped me to make the decision

                I got the blog module too.

                So far, no regrets.

                Hope to get to know the community better.



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                  Not only is vBulletin a great set-up, so many of its users are also very helpful to each other. A winning combination IMO!


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