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    I need a forum with an image gallery. Does vBulletin have an image gallery option?

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    3.6 : No.
    3.7 : It has an album option

    No, we do not have a full fledged gallery script.


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      Can I see an example of the album somewhere?


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        Here's a random example:
        you can also go to the usercp and create your own albums and play with it.


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          That would work.

          Can I create sections for different album types?

          I want to make an art glass forum, I'd like to divide the albums into groups, like "cold glass" "warm glass" and "hot glass."

          Is that possible?


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            Oh, I get how it works, it would not be possible.

            Is this album feature extra $?

            About the blogging feature, does that cost extra $?


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              The album is a default feature in 3.7. The blog is a full fledged addon for $50.


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                Where do I find skins for the forum?


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                  vBulletin 3 Style Packs, vBulletin 3 Language Packs, vBulletin 3 Graphics and Other Resources

                  And has styles for download.

                  These are free downloads to licensed customers.


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                    Honestly the albums are Vbulletin are, in my own opinion, extremely limited in features and you may need to invest in a gallery product addon, or another forum solution if that is important to you. The current albums in Vbulletin don't allow you to even move pictures around. Aka, you can't upload an image, then move it from one album to another. There's a lot of basic album features that it's missing.

                    Hope that helps.


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                      Hi Shelby,

                      Where do I find this addon, what does it look like, how much does it cost?


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                        Another question. If I buy a license now, what version do I get? Should I wait for 3.7 gold?


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                          Sorry for triple post.

                          Without buying a skin, how easy is it to change the color scheme?

                          Bear in mind that I created this skin for IPB myself:

                          Do you think I'd be able to work out a skin for vBulletin the same way?


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                            You get the current versions available to customers, 3.6.8pl2 and 3.7 rc1 and any version released within the 12 months from your purchase date.


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                              I assume that 3.6.8pl2 is stable. Has it been cracked by the automated spammers?


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