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vBulletin Blog - Can it have Pic within?

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  • vBulletin Blog - Can it have Pic within?

    Hello. I've been looking for forums whom are using the vBulletin Blog and can't find many. I've also looked at the demo, and am still not sure if I can achieve this look....

    I currently have vBulletin 3.68 along with vBadvanced (I know this isn't the place to talk about that:-)

    Here is what I want. Have a person/people writing DAILY BLOG/s. These Blogs would have the PICTURE embedded into it, like headline news. I would then have this Blog including the Picture at my Index Page with vBadvanced, I would also have this primary Blog as the Main Blog on my consolidated vBulletin Blog Page.

    What I don't want to do is have to "attach" the picture as I do in normal Forum Threads and have it listed as an attachment down below. I want it to be inside/next to the text.

    Are pictures possible with the vBulletin Blog add-on? Can they be along with the Blog Writing itself and not a attachment?

    For example, if I had a weight-loss site and had someone whom was on a weight loss program writing a daily blog and attaching a picture of themselves......this would display at my index page, and be featured as the "Featured Blog" on my blog page.

    I look forward to your advise.

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    To get vB support on these forums you first need to be a licensed customer and register for Priority Forum Support. To do this, please go here:

    ...and enter your email address in one of the boxes. You'll need to have your customer number and password to access the page.

    Once you've done this, please post in the appropriate support forum for your version.


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