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Thinking of switching from PHPBB2

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    complete newb

    As stated in the title I am a complete newb, and have a small phpbb3 forum set-up. Functionality seems fine, but i help moderate a VB forum and i notice that a moderator control panel (like the one on VB) is missing from the phpbb3. phpbb3 has one, but it's not the same.

    I'm also lacking an integrated gallery, which is important to the members of my forum, and I heard that an integrated gallery comes as standard with the new VB boards... is this true?

    Also, I have barely the skills to write a smilie in code, and when it comes to modifications I get frustrated as i have no real understanding of why I am placing a certain piece of code here or there. So my main problem I can see is the integration of the VB board. I don't want to lose the stuff i have already on the board I have now. I'm also quite poor, so would not be able to afford the extras, and my forum is only a month old with 65 members at present so is no position to pay for itself at this time.

    any advice?


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      Am I allowed to bump?


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        There is a gallery in the beta 3.7 version


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          Originally posted by newusername View Post
          I heard that an integrated gallery comes as standard with the new VB boards... is this true?
          3.7 has an album option. vBulletin does not have a full fledged gallery script.

          Originally posted by Floris View Post
          Here's a random example:

          you can also go to the usercp and create your own albums and play with it.
          Originally posted by Shelby View Post
          Honestly the albums are Vbulletin are, in my own opinion, extremely limited in features and you may need to invest in a gallery product addon, or another forum solution if that is important to you. The current albums in Vbulletin don't allow you to even move pictures around. Aka, you can't upload an image, then move it from one album to another. There's a lot of basic album features that it's missing.

          Hope that helps.
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            Thankyou so much for your responses... that is the gallery that i have seen on other boards. Does it pull random thumbs from the gallery and add them to the index page of the forum? What I mean is, is this automated? Where a banner of random pic's is shown above the forums index?

            Also, what about the integration?

            Sorry if these all seem like basic questions...


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              right, it is a gallery mod i'm after... does vb sell one. I'll check into it and do the pricing up... thanks again.


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                Finally figured out exactly what I need to ask. Would anyone here know exactly what it's going to cost me for the following:

                A full lisence
                A gallery
                A conversion from phpbb3

                And to just have it installed for me?


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                  1. $160

                  2. We do not have a Gallery at his time. There are third-party add-ons available at though.

                  3. The import utility is free to licensed customers.

                  4. $135 for the installation of vB. However this does not include the import of your phpBB3 data. That is not a service we offer at this time.
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