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Will vBulletin work at my company? Help!

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  • Will vBulletin work at my company? Help!

    Hi there,

    I have been using vBulletin on many internet boards and think it is a great application. I would like to introduce vBulletin at my company.

    I have access to a server in that I can make and upload webpages for my group. How would I go about installing vBulletin. I talked to some informatics people and they seem to be reluctant to help me (I asked about the PHP and MySQL etc). We are a large company and I would like to just go and install it and showcase it rather than go through the formal informatics channel (which could take a while).

    Could I just copy the vbulletin trial version to a folder on our network and then install it there? Sorry if this is a very newbie question.

    Any help would be welcome!!


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    There is no vBulletin trial version.
    That's the end of that!


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      If you wish to run vBulletin you can get a hosting account on a hosting provider (say or or, etc) which supports Apache, MYSQL and PHP on a linux environment. This will certainly work, our page has a left column with min. requirements that they have to meet.

      It comes with an install.php script and an online manual, and free support. Enough resources to help you get it installed. If you wish our staff to install it the installation fee is $135 per installation per license.


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        Goto this page and download the vBulletin Test script. Upload it to your server and run it. The script tests if you can run vBulletin on your server.


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          Your informatics people are unwilling to help you, as you want everything done yesterday, and have no idea about wider targets and strategies that tie them down.

          If you suceed in getting their support and co-operation, you will have a greater chance of vBulletin being used permantly.

          If you go behind their backs and ignore wider strategies. I know what happens in my place, you get shut down


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