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Does anyone know when the stable 3.7 will be out?

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  • Does anyone know when the stable 3.7 will be out?


    can anyone tell me if a stable 3.7 release is expected any time soon?

    I am meaning to buy a vbulletin license shortly and am also looking around to buy a skin. Most skins are for 3.6.x though right now.

    Can anyone tell me if it's usually a lot of work to 1)upgrade vbulletin and 2)make a skin compatible with the upgrade?


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    When a release date is available it will be posted in the Announcement forum.

    Very few styles will need any changes to them to be compatible with vBulletin 3.7.0. The majority of styles are simply image and color changes. Many others simply change the header, footer and maybe two or three other templates. The few left would probably be updated by their authors quite soon after the release.
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        It is very likely that it will be released within your 1 year of free upgrades - so feel free to buy it.


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          I'm wondering if theres at the very least an estimate to a period in time for stable 3.7?
          I'm working on a large project and the project schedule/planning & version i use in the project will depend on how soon 3.7 will be available.

          The project involves huge amounts of customization and integration into other systems, so for convenience reasons i'll either be using 3.6.8 (or if another 3.6.x comes before i get to that stage) or 3.7, not much chance of upgrading to 3.7 once i get started due to extreme amounts of work required... so really would be great to have some rough estimate.


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            If you read the discussion thread, you will see that there is no estimate given at all. And they won't give an estimate.

            Most people are installing 3.7 on a test forum and working on their modifications there in anticipation that once 3.7 is officially released, there should not be too much more to modify.

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              Read the announcements for the 3.5 and 3.6 betas and look how long it took then.


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                Would you rather they rushed and threw out a half finished, full of bugs / exploits, sloppy message board? If not, let them finish finalising 3.7 properly. Jelsoft are perfectionists.
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                  To be fair, it took about 3 months for Jelsoft to release 3.6 from Beta to Gold Release and about 5 months for the 3.5 to go from Beta to Gold Release.
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                    there's your answer, next week.


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