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Purchased Owned License. Now What?

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  • Purchased Owned License. Now What?

    I purchased a the following:

    Appollo Systems
    Michael Bucy

    Purchase ID: XXXXXXXXXXXX (Feb 20th '08 04:04pm)
    - vBulletin (Owned License) @ 160.00 USD (XXXXXXXXXX)

    Total Order Value: 160.00 USD
    Total Paid: 160.00 USD
    (Note: Code in brackets is the related license number.)

    I have emailed to get a username and password.... no response.

    Please email me and let me know what's going on!!!!.

    For more information please review email sent to [email protected]

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    You're already apearing as licensed on these forums, are you saying you still haven't received your login information?

    Please contact us via the contact form so we can get this sorted.


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      Will do..


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        You show up as licensed now, I assume this has been resolved now?


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          I have sent messages to

          Let me know on all the issues by email.


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            If the email on the customer account is active and valid you can receive updates to it yeah.

            If you get no response post the ticket ID number here (note: not the authcode, but the ticket id)


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              It will not let me log on to the members area.!!!

              I should have got a new username and password for the seperate account at my work. Just as if I was a new customer with a new email address.


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                Using the email linked to your customer number you can go to the lost password form and retrieve your customer number and your password.

                If your email has changed, no longer valid, you can create a support ticket requesting to get the email address changed. After verifying it's you (feel free to link back to this thread) you can then get the details using the new address.


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                  Please read carefully my post above.

                  I just purchased a owned license for my company. I need this account SEPERATE from mine.


                  I need new login information for my new account using the appollo email

                  I will deal with personal my accounts after I get the information and software just purchased 3 days ago for my company. It need so be separate with this order number I sent to [email protected]


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                    Then go into your members' area and start a new ticket, and request to have it split up. Link to this thread. I've already mentioned and asked for the ticket ID in an earlier post so I can get the details.


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                      Once again, I cannot login into the members area without my username and password.

                      Once again I sent a email to [email protected] with the details of my old account username and password which no longer works and my new username and password for my new account. If I had the username and password for the new purchase, which was done with a different company name, address and email. I still don't know how it got to my personal account in the first place.


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                        Post me the ticket ID or I can't assist you. There are many, many tickets we're working on.

                        Please post all TICKET ID numbers you've received about this matter.

                        If you email to [email protected] you get an email reply to verify the submit-as-ticket, which includes a ticket ID.


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                          I can't post a ticket without a member login!!!!!!!!!!!


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                            I just emailed from my gmail account to [email protected] and got an email back, confirmed it and got my link to the ticket. It's there, and I can view the ticket ID.


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                              mbucy, as I understand you had some account already on before that "Owned License" purchase.
                              Then you used that account to purchase another "Owned License".
                              Then you decide that you want to split that new "Owned License" to a separate account.

                              If I am right I can't undersntad why you can't login into your old account on and submit a ticket.

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